Does Hifu Machine Have Side Effects?

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How Hifu Machine Work?

The main effect of hifu machine is to tighten the skin and subcutaneous tissue, achieving a tightening and enhancing effect on the treated site. Generally, hifu anti aging machine is used on the face, and this can achieve the treatment effect of skin rejuvenation. For early skin relaxation and subcutaneous tissue displacement, it has a very good reduction and tightening effect.

hifu 7d anti aging

The Function of Hifu Machine

The main function of hifu machine is anti-aging, and wrinkles are an important manifestation of aging. Hifu 7d machine has a good effect in eliminating wrinkles. In addition, 7d hifu anti aging machine also have the effect of moisturizing the skin and increasing facial elasticity. The nutritional function of lifting sagging skin tissue and stimulating and generating collagen. It should be noted that although hifu machine has relatively comprehensive functions, the effect is not immediately visible. It takes about six months after treatment to see a significant effect. And there are certain requirements for the professional operator. Therefore, it is necessary to go to choose a reliable hifu machine supplier.

What Should We Know about Hifu Treatment?

We should understand that the treatment of hifu 7d also has a certain timeliness. Generally, the treatment effect can be maintained for about six months to one year based on the energy of the hifu. Hifu treatment is recommended to be done once every 1-3 years.

Because hifu 7d use focused ultrasound energy to stimulate skin tissue for self-repair and generate new cellular tissue. It replacing old cells which have lost collagen. The alternating time between new and old cells has a certain periodicity, usually taking about 6 months to achieve complete recovery. Therefore, avoid doing hifu treatment too frequently, with an interval of at least 1 year between two surgeries. Otherwise, not only will it not stimulate tissue and repair proliferation, but it may also cause damage to skin tissue.

In addition, if you do not pay attention to skin care after hifu treatment, it will gradually cause the skin to decline within 2-3 years. Therefore, having hifu treatment every three years is beneficial for consolidating the effectiveness of the ultrasound knife and reducing some side effects.

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