Hifu Liposonix and Radio Frequency Body Slimming, Which is better?

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The Principle of Hifu Liposoinx Body Slimming

The hifu liposonix technology focuses high-intensity ultrasound at a depth of 1.3cm below the skin. It damaging fat cells through mechanical and thermal effects. It is the use of high temperature to heat fat cells to death. The principle of its action is the same as that of hifu machine. Focusing ultrasound waves on the fascia layer is the hifu machine. Which focusing on the fat layer is the hifu liposonix. Due to the fixed focusing depth of liposonic, there are certain requirements for the fat thickness of the treated person. Before liposonic treatment, it must be evaluated by the professional person and approved before treatment can be carried out.

The Advantages of Hifu Liposoinc Machine

1. Compared to liposuction, it is less painful and safe, and leaves immediately after completion without a recovery period.

2. The effect can be immediately seen after completion (approximately 2.5cm reduction in waist circumference). And the effect will gradually become more pronounced after 8-12 weeks.

3. It is not easy to rebound. Because the number of adipocytes remains unchanged in adulthood, only the volume of adipocytes will change. Liposonic can directly destroy adipocytes and reduce the number of adipocytes. Therefore, if you no longer overeat and drink excessively, the effect can be maintained.

The Principle of Radio Frequency Body Slimming

Radio frequency utilizes high-frequency oscillating electromagnetic fields formed by constantly changing positive and negative electrodes. It causing water molecules in the target tissue to rotate at high speeds and generate heat through mutual friction. Radio frequency has additional benefits. So RF slimming has a good lifting and tightening effect.

The Advantage of Trusculpt ID RF Machine

1. The first advantage is comfort and safety. During the treatment period, there is no sensation or slight pain. And there may be slight erythema or edema after the surgery. But it can recover quickly and leave immediately after completion.

2. The second advantage is that multiple treatments can be performed more frequently. If customer have enough budget, they can even do radiofrequency body slimming once a week.

3. The third advantage mentioned above is that after multiple treatments, it can achieve significant tightening of the skin.

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