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What should I do after hifu ultherapy treatment?

1. Please strengthen skin moisturizing and avoid sunlight;

2. Don’t use hot water to wash your face within three days (water under 40 degree is ok)

3. Please don’t go hot springs and saunas temporarily within three days;

4. The skin will be dry after ultherapy treatment, which is a normal phenomenon. Please pay attention to hydrating. We recommend using the medical mask on treatment area at least 3 times a week.

7D hifu face lift

Matters need attention about hifu ultherapy treatment

1. Please must use energy from lower, and then adjust the energy according to the client’s feeling during the treatment. If the energy set too high, client will feel shock and pain。

2. After treatment, please pay attention to avoid sunlight. Avoid taking hot water shower. And don’t do face massage or sauna in 2 weeks after hifu treatment. Last but not the least, avoid use RF, PDT, Diode Laser or E-light, IPL, OPT in 1 month.

3. 1 hour after treatment, you can use ice to cooling skin.

4. Please don’t leave head on same area all time.

5. After treatment, the skin may turn red. Normally after 2 days, the redness will disappear on your face.

6. After treatment, please left the gel on the skin. After 2 hours, you can wipe off the gel, then use a cooling mask on your face.

7. Everyday use mask in treatment area, after doing hifu treatment, the skin need a lot of nutrient.

8. If set high energy during treatment, which burn the skin or there is blister on your face. Please use scald ointment antiphlogistic cream on that area. Normally after one week, the skin will turn back to normal situation.

9. Please eat more fruits, don’t eat high calorie and greasy food.

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