How Does Shock Wave Machine Work?

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What is Shock Wave?

Shock wave is a sound wave that bring high energy to pain area and musculoskeletal tissues with subacute, subchronic and chronic symptoms. Its energy effectively promotes the regeneration and repair process of bones, tendons and other soft tissues. Shockwave therapy is a new type of non-invasive treatment method between medicine and surgery. It has the advantages of safety, effectiveness, and easy operation. It is a physical therapy method that has gradually emerged in recent years.

Shock Wave Machine Function

1. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a method of preventing, treating and dealing with movement and pain problems caused by illness or injury. It can treat Hand, Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder, Knee, Foot, and Ankle pain.

2. Fat Removal

The shock wave machine can eliminate subcutaneous fat through the stimulation and pressure of the shock wave, so as to achieve the purpose of fat removal and weight loss.

3. Erectile Dysfunction

Shockwave therapy is a new innovative treatment for erectile dysfunction, which has been scientifically proven to be effective in vascular ED, especially erectile insufficiency caused by weak blood flow to the penis. Scientific studies have shown that ED Shockwave Therapy can induce “reorganization” of penile endothelial cells, thereby improving erectile function. It can also stimulate capillary hyperplasia and increase penile blood flow.

4. Sports Injury recovery

Improve muscle mass and strength, restore skeletal muscle function.

The Application of Shock Wave Machine

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy machine is commonly used in physical therapy, orthopedics, and sports medicine. It is commonly used to treat chronic muscle and tendon disorders, back and neck pain. It also can treat male erectile dysfunction.

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