How Does Tecar Indiba Machine Work?

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What’s Tecar Indiba Machine?

Tecar Indiba Machine use diathermy technology for pain treatment, face lift, tighten skin, anti-wrinkle and fat melting. We also call tecar indiba machine as CET RET Machine. It combines Capacitive Electric Transfer (CET) with Resistive Electric Transfer. Our CET RET RF Machine comes with 2 handles. CET handle and RET handle. CET handle comes with 4 treatment tips. RET handle comes with 3 treatment tips.

The Functions of CET RET RF Diathermy

CET RET machine is good for:

– Face lifting, neck lifting and body remodeling

– Skin tightening, skin firming

– Wrinkles removal

– Lifting sagging skin

– Fat reduction, cellulite removal

-Physiotherapy, pain relief

The Features of the CET RET RF Machine

This machine is very effective for body weight loss, you can see result after one treatment. The most popular machine for body slimming. Compare to other RET machine, the CET RET machine have 2 handles, and the result is more effective.


Please be noted, when you do body treatment, please remember to let the treatment head fully cover on the treatment area so it won’t burn the skin. If you can’t put the treatment tip full cover on the treatment area, you will feel very hot at that time.

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