How Does Trusculpt ID Remove Fat?

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What is Trusculpt ID?

Trusculpt ID Machine is a non-invasive and comfortable mono-polar radio frequency (RF) deep heating device. At the same time, the rf energy can also stimulate the regeneration of collagen in the dermis. It’s goof for fat-dissolving, body sculpting, facial anti-aging, double chin removal and so on.

The Advantages of ID Trusculpt Fat Dissolving Treatment


Noninvasive Fat Melting. Need need to do surgery. Just do the treatment and go back home directly. You can go back to work after treatment.


This 3D Trusculpt fat melting device is with controllable temperature. It can keep the temperature at about 45℃. It’s warm but no burning feeling. It’s painless, no side effect.


 The fat dissolving result is effective. The face lifting and body slimming effect are more obvious after 2 months.

How Often Shall You do Trusulpt Fat Removal Treatment?

One course is 3-5 times. The interval between each treatment is about 2-4 weeks. Generally speaking, the effect of trusculpt fat melting can maintain for a long time. Because it reduce the number of fat cells during treatment. After the number of fat cells is reduced, they will not regenerate. But after the operation, you should also exercise reasonably and control your diet. If you eat and drink too much, you may gain weight back.

The Application of Trusculpt 3D

Trusculpt 3D is suitable for a wide range of people. Anyone who wants to lift their face and slim down can do it. It can treatment a wide range of treatment area. For example, face, double chin, arms, shoulder, stomach, waist, abdomen, thighs and so on.

This machine is equipped with 10 Handles:

1. Handle No. 1-6: These handles suitable for larger areas treatment, such as abdomen, legs, and back. These handle has a real-time temperature display to avoid burns, and there is no need to use a negative electrode pads.

2. Handle No. 7-8: This two handles can used for double chin removal, front auxiliary breast removal.

3. Handle No. 9: Movable handle, available in large and small areas (need to use negative electrode when doing treatment)

4. Handle No. 10: ceramic probe, suitable for face treatment(need to use a negative electrode)

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