How Emsculpt Machine Work for Muscle Building?

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What’s Emsculpt Machine?

Emsculpt machine use hiemt technology to stimulate the muscle. It will contact the muscle then accumulate the fat. After that, the muscle will build up and the cellulite reduce. Emsculpt machine is good for muscle building, butt lifting and vest line shaping.

The Features of Emslim Machine

EMS sculpt machine allows you to have vest line while lying down. Many young people don’t want to do any exercise but they want body shaping and slimming. Emslim machine help them to get their weight loss, and muscle building. Doing emslim muscle training can gain muscle in a short time. The machine is easy to operate. Just choose the gender(male/female),choose the age group, and treatment area. Then you can enter the treatment page. Put the handles on the customer treatment area (Arm/Leg/Belly/Buttock). Set the intensity from low to high according to customer feeling. Then you can start the treatment.

We have emslim neo rf machine comes with 4 handles and pelvic seat. Two handles for body, two handles for arm. And the pelvic seat is for buttock. It can help you gain muscle, shape your body. It’s zero consumables, noninvasive and no down time. You can go back to work right away after treatment.

How Long Should I Do a Muscle Building Treatment?

We suggest one treatment about 30 minutes, 2-3 days do a treatment, one week at least 2 treatment. Then you can see result after 1 week. During this period, please don’t overeat. Keep the health habit.

Professional Ems Sculpting Machine Manufacturer

Guangzhou Yting Beautslim Equipment Co., LTD professional in producing emslim machine factory. We provide emslim neo rf machine with pelvic seat. And the pelvic seat also comes with RF. You can’t find it on the market now. That’s why you can choose our machine.

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