How to choose a right Anti-Aging Machine for Salon?

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Why Choose 9D Hifu Anti-aging Machine

When a beauty spa salon choose an anti-aging machine, they should follow the below characteristic. In a wide perspective, the choice of anti-aging equipment must first have high comfort, high energy focus, and good immediate effects. Only in this way you can attract more customers to experience it. Only when customers feel good after the treatment, they may continue to consume in your salon. Choose 9D Hifu Machine because it fits all the perspective perfectly!

The Advantages of MPT Hifu Machine

The MPT 9D Hifu has several advantages at the same time:

Strong effect:

1. The MPT hifu machine adopts “focusing high-frequency energy waves”, increases the external modulation frequency through “wave phase focusing conduction”, and compresses the sine wave waveform, so that the heat effect of the high-frequency wave oscillation center is more concentrated, and the energy is more focused.

2. Heating in sections, lifting layer by layer. That causes immediate contraction of collagen and fibrous mediastinum and stimulating a large amount of collagen regeneration and reorganization to build a new collagen fiber network!

3. Noninvasive, comfortable treatment process

Abandoning the traditional method of heating the oil surface with a pen, which causes skin burns and discomfort. Quantum slow-release technology uses energy superposition to abandon the traditional one-time energy and one-time heating, which increases the comfort of the experience.

It comes with two hifu handles, one ultra booster handle. You can choose the handle according to your need. The hifu handle combine the ultra-booster handle care for fine lines on every part.

4. Multiple Functions

Face lifting, wrinkle removal, skin tightening, anti-aging, double chin removal, acne treatment, stretch mark removal, body slimming and so on.

Best Hifu Machine Manufacturer

Guangzhou Yting Beautslim Equipment Co., LTD. is professional in producing different types of beauty equipment. Hifu machine is our hot seller all the time, we are struggling to upgrade our machine to satisfy the beauty salon’s need.

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