How Water Mesotherapy Help Skin Rejuvenation and Wrinkle Removal?

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What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a noninvasive treatment for skin rejuvenation, face lifting, wrinkle removal. It adopt the latest mosotherapy technology to skin rejuvenation and face lifting. This is a machine can make your skin rejuvenation, skin firming, wrinkle removal and improve fine lines. The meso therapy device is a device that injects by pressure. Its principle is to use high pressure to make liquid or essence pass through a very fine hole to generate a liquid column, which penetrates the nutrient essence to skin and sprays it subcutaneously. The meso therapy machine is inject hyaluronicacid into skin. Hyaluronicacid can make skin lighter and moisturizer.

Functions of Water Mesotherapy Machine

1. Deep skin moisturizing: It have strong penetrating power to skin hydrating.

2. Water-locking: The water mesotherapy treatment produce a water-locking network to prevent skin water loss.

3. Improve fine lines: It can inject the nutrient essence to deep skin layer. It can also smooth the skin, dilute dry lines and improve the fine lines.

4. Moisture-locking: After treatment, the skin appears to have a sense of transparency. It can keep your face look like brighter than before.

Advantages of Water Mesotherapy

Water meso therapy is the newest Korea technology of essence injection to skin. The water meso therapy machine have the function of micro needle so it can tight your skin, make the dry skin become smooth and slide. Mesotherapy machine can solve the problems of skin dry, lack of water, wrinkles, lack of skin elasticity.

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