Is 980nm Diode Laser Spider Vein Removal Effective?

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What’s Spider Vein Removal?

Spider vein is a phenomenon caused by poor facial telangiectasia, damage to the stratum corneum, or superficial position of some capillaries. The veins are crisscrossed, like spider webs, dispersedly distributed, and in severe cases, they will form flakes and turn into a red face. This kind of skin is thin and sensitive, and the face turns red when it is too cold, too hot, emotional, or when the temperature changes suddenly.

The Brief Introduction of Spider Vein Removal

980 vein removal is called 980nm diode laser vascular vein removal clinically. 980nm laser vascular removal is better than normal vein removal treatment. It can remove the veins on facial, and make your skin looking healthier.

The Function of 980nm Diode Laser Vascular Vein Removal Machine

It uses fiber optical energy with a specific wavelength, which is transmitted below the skin surface and it can be strongly absorbed by blood vessels, which can sufficiently heat the diseased blood vessels. The dynamic cooling system can fully cool the epidermis and ensure that the epidermis can be protected during treatment. It also ensures sufficient safety and comfort during the process of removing red blood filaments, and the effect is ideal. It can also achieve the effects of skin whitening, skin rejuvenation and freckle removal, and has less damage to the skin.

Will the Spider Vein Rebuild Rebound after Treatment?

After the 980nm diode laser treatment, it is necessary to protect your skin to avoid sun. You can use a sun hat or umbrella, or apply sun scream to prevent the skin from being sunburned. 980nm diode laser mainly uses a specific broad-spectrum color light to irradiate the facial skin, which can penetrate deep into the dermis, remove the redness on the skin, and restore the skin to a smooth state. It may cause slight damage to the treatment area. But usually the spider vein will not rebound. After removing the red blood, do not wash your face in a short time, it may affect the wound.

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