Is 980nm Diode Laser Vein Removal Machine Do Harm to Skin?

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The Brief Introduction of 980nm Diode Laser Vein Removal Machine

980nm diode laser vein removal machine has a certain effect in removing red blood streaks and vascular. 980nm diode laser spider vein removal machine emits a strong pulse laser through the skin. It directly penetrating the surface of the skin and entering the deep tissue of the skin. It can also cause the red blood cells under the skin to shrink and recover as soon as possible. Thus achieving the effect of treating spider veins. After treatment, try to avoid using some irritating makeup products if possible.

Laser vascular removal machine can be used to remove vascular vein removal. It has a special laser program for removing vascular and vein. Which has definite effects on various causes of exposure of small blood vessels. Anti-inflammatory drugs can be used after treatment. After treatment, please have a good rest, do not smoking, not drinking alcohol, and not eating stimulating foods.

Is 980nm Diode Laser Vein Removal Machine Do Harm to Skin?

Removing vascular and veins does not cause harm to the skin. When removing spider veins, laser treatment is mostly required. During operation, the laser generates a certain amount of heat, which can selectively act on hemoglobin in micro vessels. Meanwhile, it seals the superficial veins, which are engulfed by the body’s macrophages, achieving the effect of removing veins. The pain generated during surgery is relatively mild, and normal skin generally doesn’t suffer serious burns, which is relatively safe.

After laser treatment, there may be certain redness and swelling on the skin, and sometimes scabs may appear. This is usually a normal phenomenon. Keep the treatment area clean and hygienic, pay attention to a reasonable diet. And the effect is relatively fast. It may cause slight damage to the local area and usually does not rebound. After removing the spider veins, do not wash your face for a short period of time as it may affect the wound.

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