Is Cryotherapy Slimming Do Harm to Body?

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The Working Principle of Cryotherapy Fat Freezing

Cryotherapy fat freezing slimming machine use temperature to control the fat. It mainly puts the fat freezing handle into our subcutaneous tissue, freezes our cells. And makes our fat cells undergo premature apoptosis and excrete through new city metabolism. As long as the cryo fat reduction process uses advanced instruments, precise parameters, and standardized operations. Then the operation is safe, and generally there will be no side effect after the operation.

Is Cryolipolysis Fat Frezzing Do Harm to Body?

Cryolipolysis fat freezing doesn’t require surgery, so there will be no scars after the operation. And the recovery time is relatively fast, without affecting normal life. It is most suitable for working people. But remember to choose regular medical spa clinic and professional doctors. Cryolipolysis generally has no side effects. This technology is very safe and there is no recovery period. After 2-3 months, there will be a significant weight loss effect. There may be slight pain, but it will disappear soon. Fat freezing is only used on the fat layer, and has no effect on the internal organs and skin of the human body. This cryotherapy slimming method is only suitable for abdominal and waist fat.

Who is Suitable for Cryolipolysis Cool Sculpting Treatment?

1. Postpartum partial obesity.

2. Those who are not severely obese and want to sculpt their body.

3. People who have waist and abdomen fat.

4. People who have local fat but do not want to undergo liposuction.

What’s the effects of Cryolipolysis Cool Sculpting?

According to clinical research, you will gradually feel the reduction of fat in 7-14 days after cryotherapy. And the thickness of the fat layer will be reduced by an average of 22.4% in about 3 months. The result to maintain body shape is related to the individual’s original metabolism and food intake. If you eat high-calorie food for a long time, your weight will still rebound. In other words, cryo slimming only reduces body fat without changing metabolism and increasing calorie consumption. If you do not exercise regularly and pay attention to diet control after the operation, it is still easy to be rebound.

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