Is Endolaser Laser Lipolysis Machine Effective for Body Slimming?

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Endolaser Laser Lipolysis Machine

Endolaser laser lipolysis machine adopts the latest body slimming technology. It uses a special laser with a certain energy to illuminate the obese area through fiber handle for several minutes. So as to melt away the fat in the body, thereby achieving an obvious slimming effect. The laser lipolysis effect is very good. Especially for double chin and other delicate parts of the body, it has a very effective effect.

endolaser body slimming machine

Endolaser Technology Introduction

Endolaser Laser lipolysis is the latest slimming technology. According to the liposuction doctor, laser lipolysis uses a special laser with a certain energy. It is irradiated through an optical fiber handle and operated on the obese area for several minutes to melt away the fat in the body. So as to achieving the desired effect and obvious slimming effect.

Laser lipolysis and slimming surgery is a fat removal surgery that combines laser technology and injection technology. The difference between laser lipolysis and slimming and the general 3L positioning layered liposuction surgery is that it is less invasive. Laser lipolysis and slimming treatment is first, drug injection is performed into the area that needs fat removal. And then the fat is softened and decomposed. Then laser is used to irradiate it to achieve the final purpose of fat removal.

Therefore, during the entire laser lipolysis and slimming treatment process, no traumatic operations are required. It is a type of liposuction, so this laser lipolysis and body slimming treatment is very safe. Laser lipolysis and slimming is especially suitable for fat reduction in areas with obvious fat accumulation such as the waist and abdomen. The characteristics of this laser lipolysis and slimming treatment are also because of its fast recovery. After the laser lipolysis and slimming treatment is completed, you can return to normal work and life within a few days. This is something that liposuction surgery cannot do, so it will not disrupt the original plans.

Endolaser laser lipolysis machine technology principle

Most of the lasers used in laser lipolysis are low-energy lasers of 1-500mW or 5-500mW. Laser lipolysis is divided into in vitro laser lipolysis and in vivo laser lipolysis. In vitro laser lipolysis, there is no need to use the laser when irradiating the laser. Make an incision on the skin. Before irradiating the laser with laser lipolysis, you need to make a small incision in the skin and insert the laser fiber optic catheter. The front end of the fiber optic catheter is the release site of the laser. Laser can produce heat, light, chemical effects and biological stimulation on tissues.

When laser lipolysis occurs, the laser therapy device releases laser energy and selectively melts the cell membranes of fat cells through the thermal effect of the laser. It causing fat to rupture and liquefy and reduce the number of fat cells. Parts with smaller areas of melted fat can be drained out by squeezing or syringe suction. While large amounts of liquefied fat need to be sucked out through negative pressure with a special laser probe. In addition, the energy released during the laser lipolysis process can stimulate the proliferation of collagen in the skin. It makes the skin firmer and curvier after fat is eliminated. Commonly used clinical lasers for liposuction include 980nm 1470nm diode laser 6 in 1 lipolysis machine and 980nm 1470nm endolaser machine.

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Features of Endolaser Machine

1. “If you do the laser lipolysis treatment, you will lose weight.”

This technology can not only be applied to the abdomen, waist, legs, and buttocks. But is especially suitable for small and delicate areas such as the arms, face, and neck where the fat layer is thin. But these areas is extremely difficult to reduce fat through other methods. In other words, if you are worried about your fat face, then, as long as you undergo “laser lipolysis”. The excess fat will disappear without a trace under the normal metabolism of the human body. So that you who love beauty will be rewarded the long-cherished wish is truly “slim down wherever you look.”

2. Safe, little damage, no blood

Many girls faint when they see blood. Laser lipolysis allows you to no longer have such worries! Laser lipolysis uses 1 to 2 mm optical fiber to emit laser into the fat layer. It will not damage the skin, blood vessels and nervous system, and is almost invisible to the naked eye. No bleeding.

3. Pure fat rate 90%

Laser lipolysis has an astonishing pure fat rate of up to 90%. Which allows you to dissolve more fat at one time and ensures the ideal liposuction effect. The unique fat liquid of laser lipolysis liquefies fat in all directions. While dissolving fat, it also dissolves the dissolved fat out of the body, significantly increasing the discharge of pure fat.

4. Smooth and firm

Compared with traditional liposuction surgery, laser lipolysis uses laser energy to evenly sweep across parts of the body. With a gentle transition between the surgical area. And the non-surgical area to avoid unevenness and make the skin smooth, tight and not loose. In addition, the laser used in laser lipolysis only acts on the set fat layer. Which not only does not damage the surface skin. But also accelerates the self-repair of skin elastic fibers and stimulates collagen proliferation. So that the skin after the fat has been sucked still remains intact. Tight, smooth and flat.

Who is suitable for Endolaser laser lipolysis Treatment?

Laser lipolysis is suitable for people who have a relatively normal weight but are disproportionately obese. These localized fat deposits are unresponsive to weight loss and physical exercise. Liposuction is also suitable for patients with moderate obesity and skin sagging. For obese patients with sagging skin, the loose skin can also be removed during liposuction to achieve better surgical results.

There are many parts of the body that can be liposuction. Commonly used parts include: abdomen, iliac waist, buttocks, chest (including gynecomastia), back, thighs, upper arms, back of calves, mandible, etc.

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Preoperative preparation before laser lipolysis treatment

1. Disinfection must be done before surgery. Don’t think that this procedure is irrelevant with the treatment. In fact, disinfection can be said to be the basis for the success of the entire operation. During the operation, you can choose either epidermal anesthesia or ice anesthesia. Both methods are acceptable. It mainly depends on the patient’s wishes.

2. Before the operation, you should observe and confirm that there is no infection or redness. Before the operation, you should do a comprehensive physical examination. There are no diseases. Men should stop smoking within a week before the operation. Women should try to avoid smoking during menstruation.

3. After the operation, you can apply ice to the wound. But you cannot touch the water within one day after the operation. And you cannot wash with hot water or engage in too strenuous exercise after two days. It is best not to do some physical activities. It is forbidden to drink coffee or tea within two days after the operation. You can drink some boiled water at ordinary times. It is strictly forbidden to consume irritating foods and carbonated drinks after the operation.

4. Generally, the effect will appear ten days after the operation. Patients must not make incorrect actions because they are anxious. Fat dissolving and slimming is one of the most advanced weight loss methods at present. Patients must have confidence in the operation.

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Laser lipolysis surgery process

1) Allergy test and obesity test

No matter what liposuction method is used, safety must be the most important thing. In order to ensure the safety of liposuction surgery. An allergic reaction test for the injection liquid is an essential first step before performing laser lipolysis injection. Determine your type of obesity so your doctor can prescribe appropriate treatment.

2) Inject liquid

After confirming that there is no allergy, a strictly trained professional doctor will slowly inject the fat-dissolving liquid into the subcutaneous fat layer. So as to eliminate fat accumulation and promote the activation of local fat.

3) Skin tightening vibration massage

After the injection, the doctor will disinfect your treatment area again, cover it with a sterile towel. And perform vibration massage combined with a skin tightening instrument to evenly distribute the liquid in the fat layer. Loosen local fat tissue through vibration, and make the fat and the liquid medicine is fully integrated.

4) Laser irradiation

At the critical moment of lipolysis and weight loss, fat cells are used as target cells. Through special laser irradiation, the microcirculatory capillaries in the fat tissue absorb heat energy. It accelerate the reaction of the drug solution, cause the cell membrane of the fat cells to shrink or even rupture. And the fat will automatically Apoptosis is metabolized out of the body.

5) Later health management

In order to maintain the weight loss effect, subsequent health maintenance is also essential. The doctor will give you a personalized diet and life plan based on your individual situation. You only need to strictly follow the doctor’s plan and develop good living habits. And the weight loss effect will be maintained for a long time.

The whole process of laser lipolysis and weight loss treatment only takes about 30 minutes. You may feel a very slight pain. However, because the needle is quite small and local anesthetic can be added to the injection medicine. You usually do not feel particularly uncomfortable. It is a bit like a small ants are biting your skin. And you can get back to your daily life in real time when the treatment done. Effectiveness begins 4-7 days after treatment. 5 to 10 courses of treatment can eliminate body fat.

Advantages of laser lipolysis

1. No trauma: no incision is required, only 1mm needle puncture is required, so there is no obvious scar and does not affect the appearance.

2. No pain: Local anesthesia is used, so the surgical process is painless.

3. Risk-free: During the liposuction process, the laser can coagulate blood vessels and stop bleeding at the same time. So there is no need to worry about surgical risks.

4. Kill two birds with one stone: Laser can stimulate the reorganization of subcutaneous collagen tissue. It increase the skin’s ability to shrink and restore elasticity after surgery, and make the skin smooth.

5. Strong function: Especially suitable for small and medium amounts of excess fat. Such as double chin, back, arms, abdomen, waist, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, knees, calves and other traditional liposuction areas.

endolift before and after treatment

Laser lipolysis post-operative care

After laser lipolysis treatment

After laser lipolysis, since the wound is very small, and the operation process only requires local anesthesia. There is almost no recovery period. Therefore, you can go home after the treatment. You do not need to be hospitalized for observation. You need to take anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics for three to five consecutive days according to the doctor’s instructions. After the operation, you need to wear tights for 4-5 days. Small areas (such as double chin) need to be worn for 4-5 days, large areas (such as abdomen, thighs, etc.). Need to be worn for 3-6 weeks and one to two days after the operation. There will still be fluid leakage from the wound, which is normal.

You can increase the frequency of gauze replacement. You can change the dressing at home twice a day. When changing the dressing, first use sterile cotton sticks dipped in saline to remove the old ointment, blood clots and clean the secretions, apply new ointment, and stick gauze or artificial skin on it. Avoid touching the wound with water. Bathing is strictly prohibited until the wound heals. After the wound has healed and up to half a year after the operation. You can massage it at home for at least 30 minutes every day. And return for consultation once or twice a week. The nursing staff will change the dressing or combine it with a post-operative massage course to make the fat distribution in the surgical site even and the tissue soft.

Compare with other body slimming treatment

As collagen proliferates in the treated area after surgery, the skin will gradually become firmer, and you can feel the skin quality getting better. The proliferative ability of collagen will reach its peak six months after surgery. It is recommended to combine it with other body sculpting treatments (LPG). Velashape LPG machine can speed up metabolism and quickly sculpt the body, so you can see results faster. You can also undergo emsculpt treatment, the emsculpt machine is good for body slimming, muscle building, fat removal and so on.

Laser lipolysis weight loss treatment time

Although laser lipolysis and weight loss can give you rapid body shaping results. It does not mean that it will be done once and for all. For a long time to come, it is best to develop good eating habits. It is recommended that you manage the entire process of healthy weight loss. Entrust it to professional medical personnel to maintain the effectiveness of treatment.

Contraindications for laser lipolysis and weight loss

Not everyone can accept laser lipolysis for weight loss. Before treatment, the doctor will do a relevant examination for you to rule out contraindications to the treatment. Everyone has a weight loss method that suits them. Laser lipolysis for weight loss is not suitable for everyone. Ways to lose weight include trusculpt rf fat melting, emslim body sculpting, lipolaser fat removal, velashape body slimming, cryotherapy fat freezing and so on.

Laser lipolysis price

First of all, the price of laser lipolysis is related to the specific situation of the patient. Laser lipolysis is suitable for local weight loss, such as facial fat removal, double chin removal, etc. Each patient’s specific situation is different, and the price will also vary.

Second, the price of laser lipolysis is inseparable from the equipment suitable for the surgery and the drugs used. Due to the different technical equipment used by various hospitals, the different levels of doctors, and the different drugs used in the treatment. These will have a certain impact on the charges for the surgery.

Third, the price of laser lipolysis is related to the treatment cycle

The therapeutic effect of laser lipolysis varies from person to person. Generally, the first injection can be effective, the second injection has more obvious effects. And the third injection mainly plays a consolidation role. Generally speaking, the treatment period is 6-8 weeks. But because each patient’s specific situation is different, the treatment period will also vary, and the price will also vary.

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Questions about laser lipolysis

1. Compared with other surgical liposuction surgeries, is “laser lipolysis” surgery complicated?

On the contrary, the magic of “laser lipolysis” is that it does not require surgery in the traditional sense. It does not require vibration, and does not damage the skin. It only penetrates into the fat layer through an extremely fine fiber optic catheter. And uses the high energy emitted by the laser to break down the fat. Fat cell membrane allows you to achieve a perfect body shape easily. It truly allows you who love beauty to regain your former slimness without any pain or trace.

2. After “laser lipolysis”, will the elasticity of the skin be affected?

Because laser lipolysis is performed under the professional doctor. The laser used in the surgery only acts on the set fat layer without damaging the skin tissue. It can also stimulate collagen proliferation and increase the elasticity of the skin. Self-healing, ensuring that your skin’s elasticity will not be reduced at all.

⒊Is the recovery period after “laser lipolysis” surgery very long?

For busy white-collar workers, “laser liposuction” is the liposuction method that saves your precious time. Since the operation is short, painless and leaves no trace, beauty lovers only need a weekend to capture countless envious eyes with a new you with perfect curves.

⒋If the degree of obesity is not high, is the effect of “laser lipolysis” obviously better than other methods?

Summer is approaching, and people who love beauty naturally want to have a proud and good figure. Most white-collar workers who sit upright in the office for a long time feel a little lacking due to their slightly bulging belly or slightly thick arms, or their face and chin are slightly baby fat. So, it can be said that “laser lipolysis” is the best way to help everyone regain their original proud figure. Because it’s technical precision and painless and traceless properties allow you to lose weight extremely easily.

⒌What is the rebound probability of “laser lipolysis”?

Strictly speaking, if the diet is sufficient, the rebound rate of “laser lipolysis” is very small. Even if you can’t control your delicious food, the probability of you becoming obese again is very small. Because lipolysis surgery removes your fat cells from the body instead of stagnating in the body, you can enjoy a perfect figure with peace of mind.

Contraindications of complications of laser lipolysis

Complications of folding

Laser liposuction is a relatively advanced liposuction technology and has relatively few clinical applications at home and abroad. Although its complications are fewer than other conventional liposuction procedures, adverse reactions may still occur. Possible adverse reactions of laser lipolysis have:

1) Common complications

① Skin burns: Skin burns may occur if the machine parameter setting is unreasonable and the skin surface temperature is too high. The patient must inform the doctor in time if he or she feels abnormal pain during the treatment.

② Pain: During the laser lipolysis process, the patient will experience slight pain at the treated area, but it is mostly bearable.

③ Seroma: A large subcutaneous cavity is filled with non-coagulable serum-like fluid, which may form a chronic seroma. Small seromas can be absorbed by themselves, but large seromas require medical treatment. They need to be aspirated with a syringe or cut out and bandaged under pressure.

④ Skin ecchymoses usually appear within 24 hours after treatment and disappear on their own within 1-2 weeks, and generally do not require treatment.

⑤ Other common complications such as skin numbness or pain, pigmentation, and subcutaneous induration. Most of them disappear on their own within 3 months to half a year after the treatment.

2) Rare complications

① Fat embolism and fat embolism syndrome are the main causes of death caused by liposuction. The main symptoms are the triad of hypoxia, confusion and subcutaneous ecchymosis.

② Abdominal wall and visceral perforation. Doctors should be informed before surgery whether there is a history of hernia, abdominal surgery, intestinal adhesions, and abdominal liposuction. These are factors that increase the chance of perforation.

③ Toxic and side effects of drugs: If the lidocaine and epinephrine in the swelling fluid exceed a certain dose or concentration and interact with other drugs, toxic and side effects may occur. Symptoms include headache, numbness of the mouth and tongue, tinnitus, delirium, restlessness, drowsiness, bradycardia, hypotension, etc. Keep in touch with your doctor at all times after surgery.

Laser lipolysis contraindications

People who are not suitable for the treatment

① Those with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, abnormal coagulation function, or impaired function of important organs.

② Those who have long-term or are taking anticoagulants, vasodilators, corticosteroids and other drugs;

③ Those with skin infection at the liposuction site;

④ Have mental disorders, those who have too high expectations and are too demanding on their own body shape;

⑤ Morbidly obese patients may discuss with their doctor whether surgery is possible after the primary disease is cured or controlled.


⑴ Have a comprehensive understanding of liposuction and have a correct understanding of the surgery.

⑵ Undergo examination to determine whether your physical condition is suitable for surgery.

⑶ Discuss with the doctor the areas for liposuction and put forward your own requirements. If there are many areas that need to be suctioned, a comprehensive and reasonable surgical plan should be developed.

⑷ Surgery should be avoided during the menstrual period.

⑸Due to the local injection of a large amount of swelling fluid during the operation. The external dressing may be penetrated on the day after the operation. If liposuction is performed on the lower abdomen, edema will occur in the perineum. These are normal phenomena. Appropriate activities can be done after surgery, strenuous exercise or long-term bed rest is not recommended. After applying pressure to the liposuction site for 5 to 7 days, change the elastic tights for 1 to 3 months.

⑹ In the short term after the operation, the liposuction area may become hard, slightly uneven. The skin color may become darker, and the area may feel numb. These are normal phenomena and usually recover in about 3 months.

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