Is Fractional Co2 Fractional Laser Machine Effective for Acne Treatment?

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The Principle of Fractional Laser to Remove Acne Pits

Fractional CO2 laser is a laser beam divided into multiple laser beams, forming a heating zone in the epidermis consisting of an array of laser action points and intervals. Each of which consists of a single or several high-energy laser pulses that can directly penetrate into the dermis. After the laser energy reaches a certain level, it will be converted into thermal energy. Collagen will be denatured and become the matrix for synthesizing new collagen. And eventually new skin tissue will be produced to replace the skin with acne pits, which is the principle of fractional laser acne pits removal.

Many people want to remove acne pits with lasers, which are very effective and have an immediate effect. The principle is that the laser can directly penetrate into the true layer of the skin, so the effect is extremely fast!

Is Fractional Co2 Laser Effective for Acne Removal?

From the point of view of the fractional laser’s ability to destroy the skin’s original tissues and promote skin renewal. The fractional laser has a better effect on removing acne pits. The reason why fractional laser has the effect of removing acne pits is that acne pits are localized necrosis of skin tissues caused by inflammation of skin cells. It resulting in subcutaneous tissue defective scars. And the newborn cells of the skin will replace acne pits after the treatment of fractional laser. So the fractional laser has a better effect of removing acne pits.

You can choose fractional laser to treat acne, and the results after treatment is very good. Because it can repair the local damaged skin. Pimple marks and pimples on the face are most likely due to inflammatory reactions caused by the lack of timely and effective treatment after acne. It can be treated with a laser that acts on the back of the skin, passes through the surface of the skin. And reaches the deeper layers of the skin directly to stimulate collagen regeneration. Then remove acne marks and pimples pits at the same time. When the acne area is large, it should be treated several times for better results.

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