Is Hydra Facial Machine Really Remove Blackheads?

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Does anyone else don’t know what hydra facial machine is? Most of people should have done deep cleaning with hydra dermabrasion and microdermabrasion in the beauty salon. The hydra facial machine must the best deep cleaning machine.

Hydra Facial Treatment Divide into 3 Steps.

1. Full face deep cleansing

2. T area deep cleaning

When doing T area treatment, need to change to another suction head for deep cleaning of the part with strong oil secretion, the suction will be stronger.

3 Full facial skin repair

Wipe off the 2% salicylic acid, and then replace another suction head to do the treatment. This step is mainly to smooth and nourish the skin.

Is Hydro Facial Treatment Suitable for Everyone?

If you have oily, acne-prone skin with blackheads, and your skin is tightening. It is very suitable for you! You want to know the effect of skin cleaning? You can see that there are a lot of dirty things in the waste liquid after you finish the treatment. Which is including old dead skin cells and oily acne. If you have sensitive skin, and you want to clean the pores, you should better to have red and blue PDT light therapy after hydro facial treatment! You also need to apply more repairing masks when you back home to help the skin recover.

One More Tips You Should Know:

Hydro dermabrasion machine cleans skin deeply, shrink pores and slows down the growth of blackheads. Its purpose is to remove old dead skin cells and reduce oil secretion. So your face may become dry and a bit rough after a few days of treatment. We suggest apply more hydrating masks or skin rejuvenation masks. It will be fine in a few days. If the blackheads appear after a few days. You can use clips to pinch it one by one. It’s the best time to clean blackheads.

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