Is Microneedle Radio Frequency Machine Safe?

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The Brief Introduction of Microneedle Radio Frequency Machine

The microneedle radio frequency machine is a microneedling with radiofrequency machine that can be used to treat acne pits and marks. Which is very common in plastic surgery and beauty clinic. The microneedle RF has an efficient, safe, and long-lasting effect in the treatment of folliculitis, acne, and other conditions.

The working principle of microneedling rf machine is that after entering the skin, the microneedle releases an electric wave that acts on the collagen in the deep layer of the skin. Then it promoting collagen denaturation, recombination, and coagulation. This electric wave only releases at the tip and does not heat the epidermis. So it will not have a significant impact on the human epidermis.

morpheus 8 rf microneedling machine

In addition, microneedle radio frequency machine can also promote skin regeneration, fade wrinkles, and achieve the effect of reshaping facial. After treatment, it can promote the generation of subcutaneous collagen, making the skin white, tender, and three-dimensional.

RF fractional micro needle refers to the direct release of electric wave energy from the excellent micro needle at the moment it reaches the dermis. Which can inject energy into the dermis and avoid traditional electric waves not providing the most accurate treatment after energy enters the skin tissue. The stimulation of RF micro needle not only bring about a natural healing process for the skin But also induce the production of growth factor cells. After absorbing a large amount of heat energy, skin tissue will synthesize new collagen. Which promotes skin metabolism, thereby achieving the goal of wrinkle removal, firming, and eliminating acne marks. It can also target personalized skincare, making skin care safer and more effective.

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Precautions for Microneedle RF Treatment

1. Generally speaking, the recovery period of radio frequency microneedling is around one week. And the specific recovery time may vary depending on the individual treatment plan and the depth of micro needle used by the client.

2. Client should not undergo acid brushing after one week of treatment. They should not use skincare products containing any fruit acid, an acid, or alcohol.

3. One week after treatment, clients should try to avoid swimming, soaking in hot springs, sauna, and other high-temperature activities.

4. After microneedling rf treatment, they should eat more healthy food. The schedule should be regular, and intense sweating exercise should be avoided.

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