Is the Slimming Machine Effective for Fat Reduction?

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Because traditional weight loss methods are painful and difficult to see results, many obese people will choose to go to beauty salons for slimming. Beauty salons use a high-tech machine called body slimming machine to do weight loss treatment. So is the slimming machine in beauty salons effective for body slimming?

We can find out the slimming machine working principle if we want to know if it’s really effective for body slimming.

Trusculpt ID Fat Dissolving Machine

Some slimming machine comes with radio frequency (RF) handle. The radio frequency is good for skin tightening and body slimming. For example, the Trusculpt ID machine. This is a non-invasive radio frequency (FR) deep heating device. The RF can stimulate the regeneration of collagen in the dermis, so as to achieve fat dissolving, body slimming, facial lifting and double chin removal.

Emsculpt Muscle Building Machine

The em slim machine adopts High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic (HIFEM) Technology. The EMS slimming machine is equipped with a stimulation. It’s good for muscle building, fat removal, and butt lifting.

Cavitation Vacuum RF Slimming Machine

The cavitation machine comes with several handles. It have 40K cavitation handle, face rf handle, body rf handle, vacuum rf handle. Some cavitation machine also comes with lipolaser pads. It adopts rf, cavitation, negative pressure to achieve the fat removal effect.

Velashape Machine

The vela shape machine adopts bi-polar RF, infrared and vacuum roller technology, the vacuum roller handle make the skin tightening. The velashape machine can increase the metabolism and reduces fat accumulation through lymphatic drainage.

velashape cellulite massage machine

In conclusion, each handles has the function of body slimming or assisting fat metabolism effect. Now there are many types of weight loss equipment on the market. If you don’t know how to choose slimming machine for salon, you can contact us. We will explain the features of each machine and analyze which equipment is more suitable for you.

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