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What’s Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy, also call cryolipolysis, coolsculpting. This is a noninvasive body slimming technology via low temperature. Cryotherapy machine can use cryo technology to freeze the fat, and reduce the fat on your belly or stomach. When doing cryo treatment, each inch of fat is cyclically frozen. During the cryolipolysis treatment process, the cryo handle absorbs the heat from the subcutaneous fat gradually. And the temperature of the body fat cells is turn to zero degrees. The low temperature will not affect the skin or muscles while it killing the fat cells. The dead fat cells are then disappear without any external force. One cryo treatment can reduce 22% of fat. The traditional cryo machine comes with vacuum and cryo. But now the cryo handle without vacuum is also very popular.

Cryoskin 8 Cryo Pads Ice Sculpture Machine

The Ice Sculpture machine comes with 8 cryo paddles. Each paddles can work independently. Each paddles will show the real time temperature on the paddle’s screen. In the treatment process, you should to place the paddles on the treatment area where you want to lose fat. The dead fat cells will be throw out from the body and the fat will be excreted naturally within 2-4 months. Therefore, the cryo treatment can’t have an immediate effect. But you can gradually feel the reduction of fat within two weeks to one month after the treatment.

The cryolipolysis slimming treatment can remove fat, promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and eliminate unwanted fat in the body. In addition, since the dead fat cells eliminated from the body, the quantity of fat in the body is reduced, and it can also effectively prevent the fat rebound again.

This cryo machine is noninvasive, no surgery. It won’t affect your daily work and life. It have no side effect, you can go back to work after treatment.

Freeze Shape 4 Cryo Pads Cryo EMS RF Machine

The Cryo EMS RF machine combines cool technology, electrical muscle stimulation and radio frequency technology. The 4 cryo plates integrates cry, ems muscle stimulation and RF technology. It have not only a unique design, but also a good result.

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