Cavitation Machine

Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Machine

Shape ultrasonic cavitation slimming machine slim body contouring sculpting machine with RF vacuum cavitation and lipo laser pads, ytingbeauty 5 in 1 ultrasound lipo cavi device has 4 different heads to work for your face and body .it has 2 rf radio frequency handle ,the big one is for body ,the small one is for face ,and vacuum rf handle for body ,40K cavitation handle for body .

Ytingbeauty Provides OEM/ODM service of the ultra fat cavitation ,these vacuum cavitation system, Conveniently treat on full body, such as facial skincare, body massage, arm and leg beauty treatment etc. Make your skin rejuvenation, wrinkle remover, acne treatment, weight loss, anti-aging, skin tightening.

Treatment Benefits of Cavitation Machine

Convenience and safe, comfortable and no pain

No side effect ,good results

Free operation, non-anaesthetic

Suitable for personal and beauty salon use

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Ultrasonic cavitation Machine FAQS

1.Can I lose weight with ultrasonic cavitation ?

Ultrasonic cavitation is not an method of lose weight ,it is mainly to shape body and remove fat and cellulite.

2.Where does the fat cells go after ultrasonic cavitation procedure ?

During the treatment , the fat cells are broken down but the cells have the capacity to grow again a high calorie food . So , it is recommend to do several sessions of this procedure.

3.How long can I see the results after the ultrasonic cavitation treatment ?

Most person will see the measurement reduction after the first treatment , the fat removal procedure continues for several weeks following treatment ,the results may vary due to difference in metabolism.

4.Does the ultrasonic cavitation machine procedure needs some downtime ?

No. you can go right back into your daily life ,we recommend you drink more water to help with fat removal.

5.Are there any side effects of ultrasonic cavitation treatment ?

Target areas may have some redness ,this is normal

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