LPG Velashape Machine

Vacuum Roller Velashape body shaping Machine

The Vacuum roller velashape equipment use vacuum rolling  technology with infrared laser  ,it is suitable for all parts of body  of fat dissolving ,Shaping the body ,and Firming  the Skin and physiotherapy equipment . It can effectively degrade the subcutaneous of the human body , greatly improving the effect of lipolysis , shaping and physiotherapy.

This Is our 2023 Newest LPG velashape equipment for body shaping and body countering with the Strong Vacuum Negative Pressure .

Velashape Equipment treatment Benefits

LCD Touch Screen Vacuum Roller Handle

Body Shapping & Body Contering

Fast and Effective Results

No-invasive ,No Surgical

Velashape Equipment FAQ

1.What’s velashape equipment treatment ?

VelaShape is a noninvasive body contouring treatment for cellulite reduction, as well as the fat reduction of the thighs and abdomen.

The most commonly treated areas are the thighs, buttocks, upper arms, and stomach. It can also reduce excess fat and mildly sagging skin under the chin.

2.Does velashape machine can remove cellulite ?

Velashape equipment is an good machine for body shaping ,body countering, VelaShape can improve its appearance, but while there’s no permanent cellulite removal solution.

3.What do you feel during velashape treatment ?

You’ll feel a gentle suctioning as the device pulls the skin’s fatty layer closer to the device, to maximize exposure to the infrared light ,you will also feel a warm sensation . At the end of a procedure, you should feel like you’ve had a vigorous deep tissue massage. Your skin should be pink and warm to the touch.

4.Does there is some side effects after velashape equipment ?

Since VelaShape is non-invasive, there won't be a lot of trauma to the body. During the treatment, you may feel waves of warmth as the connective tissues and fat cells are heated. But, that's the extent of it. 

In the end, there may be redness and minor bruising, but this fades away quite quickly. There's no recovery time or even downtime required. When the area clears, you're well on your way to smoother skin.

5.What results can I get after velashape equipment ?

VelaShape technology only shrinks fat cells; it doesn't destroy them completely. the results will be so appealing that they'll motivate you to endeavor toward a new lifestyle. Still, most patients see results that last for several months even without maintenance treatments. When paired with maintenance treatments and a healthy lifestyle, your battle against cellulite can greatly reduce, making this simple procedure entirely worth it in the end.

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