Hifu Machine

Ultraformer Hifu face lift body slimming machine

Ultraformer HIFU Machine With 7 different cartridges, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound accurately delivers heat energy (65℃ – 75℃) to deep skin layers of different depths to stimulate collagen regeneration to increase skin elasticity, improve skin texture and reduce sagging skin, achieving the results of wrinkle removal, skin lifting and tightening, etc. for both face and body. It can also target subcutaneous tissues to selectively destroy localized fat cells beneath the surface skin layer without harming surrounding tissues meanwhile promoting skin metabolism and blood circulation, so as to realize the effects of body slimming, abdomen firming, buttock and breast lifting, etc.
It will help you solve the skin problems of Anti Aging ,
Wrinkle Removal ,Face Lifting and Skin Rejuvenation .It is No-invasive treatment , no injection,no wound, no drugs,no anesthesia in the whole treatment process .

Treatment Benefits and Advantage

Quick Result in a treatment

Effective Result for face and body

Applicable to Every Part of the Body

No-Invasive ,no harm to Skin

Fast and Comfortable

FAQS on HIFU Machine

1.How effective does hifu treatment get compared to other treatment ?

Hifu Machine is an non surgical and no invasive machine ,  it can directly reach the SMAS layer, promoting the suspension of SMAS fascia, and comprehensively solving the sagging and relaxation problems of the face and body , hifu has similar efficacy to traditional more invasive treatments.

2.Is the Hifu Treatment Painful during procedure ?

Generally no, and you can return to normal activity within a few hours.

3.I have a history with health problems. Can I still do treatment with hifu ?

The following persons are not take HIFU operation ,patients with heart attack ,patients taking coronary bypass surgery ,patients inplanted with steel plate , Patients with uterine fibroid  or Preganant Women.

4.How long until I can have the hifu procedure done?

Generally 3 months . usually takes about 3 sessions , and 1 month take one session.

5.How long does one session take?

One session takes 2-4 hours. HIFU patients check in at the treatment center about 1 – 2 hours pre treatment and will recover for up to 2 hours after treatment.

6.How does HIFU compare to other treatments in terms of side effects?

HIFU treatment is less invasive than traditional treatments like surgery or radiation. The risk of incontinence is extremely low and most men will maintain erectile function. When focal (targeted partial treatment) can be done, the risk of urinary leakage or drip is under 1% and 90% of men maintain erectile function.

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