Hydra Facial Machine

Hydrafacial skin peel hydro dermabrasion machine for spa

Our hydra facial machine deliver serums customized to specific skin types. We can prepare the serums you need to help you satisfy different customers. this hydro dermabrasion machine use oxygen under extreme pressure And water ,takes tinny water drops ,through spray type to act on skin ..our hydrafacial processes deep clean the skin and allow facial serums to directly penetrate the skin to treat acne and dryness.it also can penetrate nutrient components to pores and cracks of skin .

Our streamlined processes enable us to produce efficient hydrafacial machines that function under constant use, ensuring you gain a product worth the investment.

Yiting is a professional hydra facial dermabrasion machine wholesale supplier. You can contact us for further communication.

Hydra facial Machine treatment Benefits

Instant results after 1 session

Facial Deep Cleaning

Skin Firming & Moisture

NO-invasive ,harmless

Skin Nourishing

Hydra facial Machine FAQS

1.What treatment can I expect for the hydra facial machine ?

Hydra facial machine is a popular treatment because it’s an easy way for busy people to freshen their skin with no downtime .Patients who the following skin problems of dry skin, Acne ,wrinkle ,sagging skin and dark yellow can get hydro dermabrasion procedure.

2.How often can I do the hydra facial treatment ?

To get an best results , we usually suggest patients come in two week basic . The hydrafacial treatment is comfortable , and it is an  a pleasant experience and provides a relaxing break ,you will still see results if you come in less frequently than once a week.

For patients who have severely clogged pores and oily skin, we offer a rapid rescue package of weekly treatments followed by monthly maintenance. We can also do this for patients who want to help severely damaged and dehydrated skin.

3.What’s downtime after the hydra facial machine treatment ?

There is no downtime after treatment , You can go right back to what you were doing right before the Hydrafacial. The only difference is that your skin will look and feel great!

4.Is every one can take the hydra facial procedure ?

Our treatment boosters can help to increase results for those dealing with specific concerns of hyperpigmentation, redness, dryness, anti-aging, and pore congestion .

But the following persons can’t take hydra facial treatment :

Patients  who are pregnant or nursing

Patients  with rosacea or many broken capillaries

Patients  with inflamed acne or open wounds

Patients  using prescription strength topicals (must discontinue use 2 weeks before and 1 week after treatment)

Patients  using Accutane (must be off for at least 1 year) or other skin sensitizing medications

5.What can I expect after hydra facial treatment ?

Smooth, glowing skin! There is no downtime associated with a Hydra Facial treatment. We do recommend you avoid direct sun exposure for a few days following the treatment.

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