IPL Machine

OPT SHR DPL IPL Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Machine

Yiting’s OPT DPL SHR IPL hair removal devices use the latest DPL and OPT technologies. Both technologies use a broad spectrum of intense pulsed light that directly destroys the hair follicle and removes hair from the root with painless and no side effects.

It is worth that our DPL IPL hair removal machines have multifunctional therapeutic and cosmetic anesthetic uses, such as skin rejuvenation andacne removal, vascular removal . Multiple treatments can be performed with one machine, which ultimately allows you to get a faster return on your investment.

DPL IPL Machine Benefits and advantages

Suitable for All skin type Hair removal

Quickly and Efficiently

Skin Rejuvenation ,Acne vascular Treatment

Minimal damage the surrounding skin

Easy to operate ,shor operate time

FAQ on DPL IPL Hair Removal Machine

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