1550nm Erbium Laser Scar Removal Stretch Marks Treatment

Model Number:YT-1550

Warranty:1 Year

Function:Acne Scar Treatment, Skin Resurfacing, Wrinkle Removal, Stretch Mark Removal

Laser Type: Fiber Laser

Laser Wavelength:1550nm

Laser Mode: Er-glass

Packing Size:41*56*90CM

Gross Weight:30KG

Shipping Method:DHL/UPS

1550nm Erbium Laser Scar Removal Stretch Marks Treatment

1550nm co2 fractional laser machine

Introduction of 1550nm Erbium Laser Machine

1550nm  erbium laser machine treatment is safe, does not produce skin peeling, and does not have the characteristics of long-term calmness. There may be heat during treatment, no tingling, no obvious redness and swelling. After treatment, make-up treatment does not affect normal work and life, does not affect daily social activities, and does not require special care. It is currently an ideal beauty method.

The wavelength of the 1550 fiber lattice laser is 1550nm, which is the most suitable wavelength for Asian skin after testing, and will not cause anti-black. Moreover, the distance from the laser head to the human skin is fixed, which is the safest and most effective distance after inspection.

Principle of 1550nm Co2 Fraactional Laser Machine

1550 non-exfoliation fractional laser is a new technology that came into being. Its principle of action is still the focal photothermal theory, that is, tiny light beams arranged in a matrix, stimulate the skin to produce thermal effects, activate the damage repair mechanism, and promote the dermis. Synthetic collagen fibers and elastic fibers, regeneration and remodeling, so as to achieve the purpose of firming and rejuvenating skin wrinkles. Although nonablative, but photothermal effect is still able to pass through the epidermis, the dermis directly, so our skin supple and elastic like a baby.

erbium laser machine principle

1550nm Erbium Laser Machine Function

1.Reduction and possible removal of fine lines and wrinkles.

2.Reduction of age spots and blemishes, acne scars.

3.Repair of sun damaged skin on the face, neck, shoulders and hands.

4.Reduction of hyperpigmentation (darker pigment or brown patches in the skin).

5.Improvement of deeper wrinkles, surgical scares, pores, birth mark and vascular lesion.

6.Fractional laser treatment is safe for most skin types, which includes Fitzpatrick skin types IV and V; Asian, Indian.

7.Hispanic and lighter toned black skin

1550nm erbium laser machine function

Features of 1550nm Fractional co2 Laser Machine

1. Fractional laser can directly reach the deep dermis of human facial skin, stimulate the damaged part of the dermal tissue to repair, make the dermis produce more collagen and rearrange it, and have a skin rejuvenation effect.

2. The CO2 fractional laser uses a dot matrix laser system. With the ablation effect of the laser on the tissue, micro holes with a diameter of 120-1200 microns can be made in the skin, and the hole spacing is 500 microns. These micro holes can be used after treatment. It is closed within a day, and it is difficult to see with the naked eye. Exudation, bleeding and infection are rare.

3.CO2 fractional laser according to individual needs, customized personalized treatment. During treatment, the diameter and depth of the micropores can be adjusted. Among all lasers, only the treatment range of the CO2 fractional laser can be adjusted by 5-100%, and a single treatment can produce significant effects.4. Due to the strong penetrating power of the CO2 fractional laser, it is less traumatic, and it ensures uniform coverage of the dot matrix microholes and avoids spot overlap. Therefore, it is the most suitable laser for comprehensive treatment, which can quickly restore your skin’s smooth image.
5. During treatment, the area directly penetrated by the laser forms a matrix of small white dots. The skin around these small spots immediately activates the lateral repair mechanism, and the epidermis will heal completely within 8 hours, and you can wash your face and take a bath. After 3-6 days, the scab at the small white spots fell off and the skin returned to its normal appearance. The internal collagen regeneration can be as long as 6 months or even 6 years.

Handle and Tips of 1550 Erbium Laser Machine
erbium laser machine handle and tips

co2 fractional laser handle and tips

Advantages of 1550 Co2 Fractional Laser Machine

1.Color touch screen

2.Fast and convenience software control

3.Reliable and powerful laser with high efficacy

4.Safe & comfortable treatment with minimal downtime

5.Remarkable results after the non-ablative laser treatment

6.Do what you like and go where you want after the treatment

7.long-lasting results

8.No needle, painless, no wounds, no scabby, colorless

Display of Different Color Erbium Laser Machine

erbium laser machine display

1550 erbium laser machine

co2 laser fractional machine

Before and After Co2 Fractional Acne Treatment

before and after erbium laser treatment




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