3D Magic Mirror Skin Analyzer Skin Tester Facial Analysis

Model Number: YT-01B
Function: Skin Analysis, Skin Tester
Warranty: 1 Year
Packing Size:50*83*48cm
Gross Weight:11.9kg
Shipping Method:DHL/UPS

skin analysis device

What is Magic Mirror Skin Analyzer Machine?

The skin analyzer system is one of the advanced images analysis system for salon and cosmetic shop. It use digital images technoloy via eight spectrum. Magic mirror system can diagnose a lot of face’s problems: spot, pore, pigment, wrinkle, crease,, ultraviolet ray or sunshine etc. To bring the damage with different degree to skin, hurting skin accurately the circumstance present at the front of client and offer one set of medical suggestion for the client. Also can compare the different client’s face images before and after skin care. The magic mirror system is one of the most dependable professional skin images analysis system in the professional area. It is used extensively in the medical research and profession to examine. It can pickup the high resolution face images at RGB and UV two kinds of spectrum environments. Thus science analysis skin characteristic. And can put forward the best character characteristic skin care project to client.

skin analyzer different skin problems

Technology Principle of Skin Analyzer Machine

Lens imported from Japan which has 30 million HD pixels to obtain facial skin image. 8 Ilmaging Spectrometry, AI face Recognition Ilmaging Spectrometry, AI face Recognition technology. It’s data analysis and detection. 3D skin simulation technology, cloud computing cloud storage. Quantitative analysis of surface and deep pathological features of the skin, detecting 16 kind of skin health indicators.

Eight Spectrum of Skin Analyzer Device

skin analyzer eight spectrum

 spectrogram blue light

 spectrogram cross polarized composite light

 spectrogram cross polarized light

 spectrogram parallel polarized light

 spectrogram RGB white light


 spectrogram UV light

 spectrogram wu light

Advantages of Skin Analysis Machine

1.A new generation of whole face skin testing instrument, which use patented algorithm technology to explore skin problems.

2.After testing, can send the professional test report to your email.

Details Pictures

facial analysis skin tester

facial skin testing machine

skin analyzer device


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