body contouring machine 180 rotation Vacuum RF velashape anti cellulite

Model : YT-A57

Working handle : body handle + face handle

technoly : vaccum roller velashape + led light + 180° mechanical rotation

function : body shaping , cellulite removal , skin tightening

Vaccum pressure : 10-80KPA

body contouring machine 180 rotation Vacuum RF velashape anti cellulite

Working Principle of 180 rotation velashape body contouring machine

The 180 rotation vacuum RF velshape body contoruing machine combines vacuum negative pressure + 6MHz radio frequency + 180° mechanical rotation + LED red and blue light technology in one.It is a non-invasive shaping machine. Accurately heat the skin tissue as deep as 2mm and 30mm, so as to promote blood circulation and
accelerate the metabolism of fat tissue, so as to realize the four effects of fat melting, shaping, skin tightening and lifting in one. Rotary Negative Pressure RF can be used on any body area that may need contouring: thighs, abdomen, arms, belly and more, and is effective in helping clients suffering from cellulite to improve their skin condition.

the vacuum RF rotary velashape machine can pull up the skin and subcutaneous muscle tissue, massage the body evenly, dissolve fat and decompose fat cells into fatty acids And glycerin, and then excreted through the lymphatic circulation, eliminate local stubborn fat, while stimulating the contraction and regeneration of collagen fibers in the dermis, reducing cellulite, and
making the skin firmer and smoother. Achieve balanced body shape and contouring and facial rejuvenation. The four techniques are combined with aerobic exercises such as sucking, pinching, and rotating on the skin and fat tissue. This aerobic exercise can quadruple the lymphatic drainage function and blood circulation.

Vacuum roller anti cellulite velashape machine function

Body Sculpture: Create beautiful body curves
Skin Lifting: lifts sagging face/body skin
Skin Firming: Tightens sagging face/body skin
Relax tendons and activate blood circulation: dredge meridians and promote blood circulation
Promote detoxification: flush out toxins and relax
Dispelling cold and warming the palace: Warming the palace, improving cold and damp physique

velshape cellulite massage treatment

Advantage of 180 rotation vacuum rf velashape body contouring machine

  1. Dual Interface Design
  2. intelligent temperature Control system
  3. Patented liposuction handle
  4. Real-time temperature detection system
  5. No-invasive ,safe and Efficient
  6. Long term effects
  7. 7. comfortable

velashape machine advantage

Introduction of Vacuum Roller 180 rotary velashape body shaping equipment

velashape machine introductionvacuum roller 180 rotation handle

180 rotating vacuum Velashape Equipment anti cellulite before and after

velashape before and after


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