diathermy machine 448KHZ CET RET radio frequency pain therapy fat reduction

Model : YT-0658

working handle : 3 pcs

RF frequency : 448KHZ

Functions : pain relief , skin tighten ,fat removal

warranty : 2 year

MOQ : 1 set

diathermy machine 448KHZ CET RET radio frequency pain therapy fat reduction

Working Principle of 448KHZ CET RET RF diathermy machine

The 448kHZ radio frequency diathermy machine  can safely deliver energy to the deep parts of the body through the high weekly wave of 448KHZ, improving the internal temperature and immunity of the body. Improving body temperature is not only beauty, but also improves temperature in the deep parts of the body, and body temperature is very closely related to your health. Your body temperature by 1 degree increases your body’s immunity by 5-10 times.

“CAP mode”

Uses a radiofreqiency ceramic probe to conduct heat and precisely stimulate the “subcutaneous fat”area to improve the “orange peel” phenomenon. Anti-aging-wrinkles spots,improve the rhythm of skin cell regeneration,effectively control the growth of acne,soothe neck,tighten skin,fill weinkles,repair skin elasticity and luster.

“RES mode”

Positive and negative ionfriction produces deep internal heat to dissolve fat and accelerate blood and lymph circulation metabolism.The biological heat effect leads to the decomposition of fat cells into free fatty acids and glycerol, which are discharged through metabolism to achieve weight loss.


Bioelectrical therapy utilizes super penetration force to reach the three major fascia layers of the human body.It circulates in both directions,unblocks the channels, removes dead cell toxins and metabolites,repairs damaged and diseased cells, activates dormant cells and promotes cell regeneration.

handle introduction

handle introduction 2

Advantage of CET RET radio frequency tecar therapy body fat removal machine

1.Safe:Equipped with contact detection capability,when the 448K RET detects loss of contact between the
electrode and skin it decreases unit output causing no harm.
2.Normalizes cell function and regeneration Enables superficial texture change to cellulite Increases metabolism
3.Increases tissue blood flow.
4.Helps to detoxify damaged tissue.
5.Provides an anti-inflammatory response Increases circulation in the extracellular matrix Increases tissue and cellular
6.Stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis Provides analgesic effect.
7.Mobilizes ions at a cellular level Increases vasodilation Increases drainage

Application of 448KHZ diathermy machine pain relief body slimming

1) Face-lifting
2) Anti-aging – wrinkles, pigmentation, skin sagging improvement
3) Facial elevation
4) Facial cell activation
5) Promote facial basal metabolism
6)dark removal, restores translucent skin
7) Acne print
8) Eye lift
9) Improve skin cell regeneration rhythm
10) Facial fat burning – improve facial relaxation, double chin
11) Improve facial edema
12) Improve blackheads
13) Improve neck and neck stiffness
14) Soothing expression muscles, natural and spiritual expression!

cet ret machine application and benifits

Before and After Treatment of CET RET rf skin tightening machine

before and after




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