EMRF Face Electromagnetic Anti Aging Skin Lifting Wrinkle Removal

Model Number:YT-B60

Warranty:1 Year

Touch Screen:15 Inch

RF Frequency:1-4Mhz

Power: 100-200W

Packing Size:40×43×42cm

Gross Weight:13.5kg

Shipping Method: DHL/UPS


EM RF face lift machine

EMRF Face Machine Brief Introduction

EMRF Face is a non-invasive facial anti-aging care machine, which uses high-intensity facial electromagnetic stimulation (high-intensity facial electromagnetic stimulation, HIFES) + Mono-polar Radio Frequency (RF) technology induces continuous contraction and pulling of facial muscles. It improves muscle strength and resting tension to restore and enhance the support of facial tissues. And at the same time increases collagen, elastin and connective tissue remodeling. Thereby improving facial musculature aging problems caused by loss. Reveal a younger, stronger, healthier, more toned, more energized, renewed version of yourself inside and out. EMRF- a specially designed for facial muscle care patch, using high intensity facial electromagnetic stimulation and synchronous radio frequency technology. At the same time for muscle and skin to tighten, and regulate face. It helps restore facial contour, treatment painless noninvasive, no recovery period. Without anesthesia, no discomfort in treatment, after  treatment without recovery, just do it and go, and live as usual.

em rf machine

Working Priciple of EMRF Machine

High-intensity electromagnetic skin stimulation: EMRF uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate muscle contractions. This technique is sometimes used for muscle toning and strengthening, including facial muscles. By inducing involuntary muscle contractions, the treatment can potentially lead to improved muscle tone and a lifted appearance in the treated area. 
Monopole RF: It is a non-invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to heat the deeper layers of the skin. This heat stimulates collagen production and tightens existing collagen fibers, resulting in improved skin texture and reduced sagging. The basic principle is that controlled heating of the skin’s deeper layers triggers a wound-healing response, leading to collagen remodeling and skin tightening.
em rf anti aging treatment

EMRF Anti Aging Machine Features

1. Pain-free, needle-free& non-invasive—totally safe and no fillers, help you to lift and tighten the skin.
2. 20 minutes only for one session—short treatment time but effective results.
3. Disposable sticky operation pad—perfect match for face and forehead, free your hand with better transfer of energy.
4. A full face anti-age treatment—remove forehead lines, reduce crow’s feet and lift apple cheeks.
5. Versatile operation modes and adjustable energy levels — personalize the machine to cater to individual preferences and skin conditions.
em rf machine features

Main Functions of EM RF Face Lift Machine

Smooth forehead lines
Elevate apple cheeks
Reduce eye bags
Reduce crow’s feet
Face lifting & tightening
Increase muscle tone Enhance skin elasticity
em rf machine function

Benefits of the EMRF treatment

EMRF achieves facial care in a non-invasive manner, with benefits including:

▪ Lifting facial skin
▪ Reduces wrinkles
▪ Increases collagen and elastin production
▪ Increases muscle tone and lifting power
▪ Improves facial appearance
▪ Increases skin evenness
▪ Provides a more youthful facial appearance
▪ Results look natural

Portable EMRF Face Lift Machine Strucure

em rf machine structure

Advantages of EM RF Face Machine

1. Non-invasive and very comfortable facial treatment option, non-invasive and painless, no anesthesia required.
2. It is the only high-efficiency treatment of facial skin and muscles that uses high-intensity facial electromagnetic stimulation combined with synchronous radio frequency.
3. Hands-free, no manual operation, stick and use, simple and safe.

4. It takes only 20 minutes for a single treatment to complete facial care, which is simple and effective.
5. It can effectively lift the face, reduce fine lines and wrinkles while anti-aging.
6. During nursing, you will feel the warmth and contraction of facial muscles, similar to facial hot stone massage. The process is easy and comfortable, without any side effects on the body.
7. Compared with other treatment methods, it is very advantageous because it does not use needles and surgical methods.

Before and After EM RF Face Lift Machine

emrf face machine before and after


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