EMS machine EMSlim Slimming Electromagnetic Muscle stimulation Fat Reduction

Treatment Time: 30000 Times (30 Minutes)
Handles: 2 Handles
Frequency: 1-100Hz
Treatment Time: Max 30 Minutes
Magnetic Vibration Intensity: 7 Tesla
Strength: 0%-100%
Muscle Groups: Arms, Legs, Buttock, Full Body
Shipping method: DHL/UPS
Packing size: 59*53*29cm
Gross weight: 22.1kg

EMS machine EMSlim Slimming Electromagnetic Muscle stimulation Fat Reduction

Home Use EMS Body Sculpting Slimming Emslim Machine

Principle of EMS muscle stimulation

The EMS machine uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic wave Hiemt technology to stimulate muscles, so as to achieve muscle fiber proliferation, and at the same time stimulate fat decomposition, to achieve non-invasive, painless and safe body shaping. During the treatment process, it provides a series of different muscle contraction modes to stimulate muscle movement, so as to easily achieve the purpose of self-cultivation and shaping.

Safe and Comfortable Treatment of EMSLIM body slimming

It’s like doing 20,000 crunches or squats in just 30 minutes without the hard work and sweat.
30-Minute Treatments
Treatments are quick and can be performed during a lunch break.
Clinically Proven
Fully tested in 7 independent studies for safety and effectiveness.

Benefits of EMS body countering machine

1. Builds muscle & Burns fat & Skin tightening together
2. Non-invasive buttock lifting procedure
3.Suitable for everyone – No anesthesia – No surgery
4. Only a 30 minute a procedure
5. Only 4 session needed
6. Feels like an intensive workout
7. Safe with No downtime
8.Instant results but gets better after two to four weeks
9. 16% average increase in muscle mass
10. 19% on average fat reduction

Advantage of HIEMT EMS Machine butcck lift

1. The whole course of treatment is non-radiation, non-invasive, and has no recovery period.
2. Promoting fat decomposition while stimulating muscle growth.

Function of electromagnetic ems muscle stimulation

  1. exercise abdominal muscle shape the vest line, mermaid line , buttocks
  2. reduce abdominal fat ,firming the fat cells ,body shaping ,cellulite removal
  3. inprovethe constitution of obesity and the effeciencity of weight loss
  4. shaping a strong and handsome figure

Before and After of Emslim body countering device

usually after 1 treatment with our emslim body shaping equipment , client can see the results , if pateints wants better results, we suggest client get about 5-7 sessions.



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