EMS pelvic floor chair electromagnetic privicy stimulator

Model : YT-H85

Function : privicy muscle stimulator ,vaginal tightening

Pulse : 300us

screen display : 7 inch touch screen

Power : 2000w


EMS pelvic floor chair electromagnetic privicy stimulator


What is EMS Pelvic Floor Chair

EMS Pelvic Floor Chair uses a highly focused magnetic electric field to stimulate the movement of Shen Yuan to control the pelvic floor muscle to perform hypermotor contraction, which activates the muscle tissue of the pelvic floor muscle group to promote the white production of collagen eggs. It can effectively improve the recovery, firmness and elasticity of the pelvic muscles; Strengthen the solution of the pelvic muscles, resolve urinary incontinence, prolapse of the lower abdomen, vaginal relaxation and other problems.

pelvic floor chair

Advantage of  Emslim Pelvic chair privicy stimulator

1. Strengthen pubococcygeal muscle (PC muscle)
2. Increase the blood flow and nerve function of the basin
3. Increase the thickness and lubrication of postmenopausal vaginal wall
4. Promote postpartum recovery
5. Restore vaginal muscle tension and improve vaginal health
6. Increased sensitivity and functionality
7. Prevention and treatment of stress urinary incontinence

advantage of EMS pelvic chair

pelvic floor chair therapypelvic floor machine chairmagnetic chair for pelvic floor

EMslim chair project for male

1.Regain control of the body
2.Strengthen pelvic floor muscles.
3.Improve the overall ability.
4.Increase the frequency of urination.
5.Avoid urinary incontinence after aging.
6.Improve urine drop.

Pelvic Floor Chair Project for Femal

Regain control of the body Strengthen pelvic floor muscle and control of defecation and defecation. Improve the bladder, uterus or intestinal prolapse caused by pelvic floor muscle relaxation. Reduce urine leakage caused by coughing, sneezing or jumping. Improve muscle tone( especially before feeding) and prevent postpartum stress urinary incontinence. Tighten the vagina and improve sexual satisfaction

Working Principle of the EMS privicy muscle stimulator

The “Magic Chair” subverts the traditional treatment of urinary incontinence. Through the revolutionary technology high-intensity
focused electromagnetic field, it stimulates motor neurons to control the pelvic floor muscles, and triggers repeated
hyper-contraction motions of the pelvic floor muscles to rebuild the strength and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles and the
urinary system.


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