EMS Slim Machine NEO RF Fat Reduction EMS Muscle Stimulator Buttock Tonning 4 Handles

power :4500W or 6500w option
frequency :150HZ
handle : 2pcs for belly ,2pcs for arm & leg ,1pc pelvic seat
Package :aluminum case
Treatment Area :Body Legs Arms Abdomen Hips
warranty : 2 year

EMS Slim Machine NEO RF Fat Reduction EMS Muscle Stimulator Buttock Tonning 4 Handles

Working Principle of EMS Slim Machine ems muscle stimulator

EMS slim machine ,During only 30 minute treatments,HI-EMT sculpt the muscle more than 30,000 times,and it just feel like your do intensive workout, This is called “Inactive-exercise” and it also has the same effectson the human body, building muscle while losing fat.Muscle training argeted to be “thick must be thin” There is always a problem for woman to lose weight .Lose weight-HOW without losing breasts? No diet pills taken of the matter, or meal replacement strengthening exercises, weight loss will result in overall weight loss, including breasts! Emslim machine has special body building models for different parts, so can lift hips, reduce thigh fat, slim arms, and increase abdomen muscles without losing your chest! Restore the tightness and elasticity of privacy and regain happiness and joy.

the em sculpting machine Using hi-EMT technology, activate collagen regeneration of lower pelvic floor muscle tissue. The relaxed pelvic floor muscles, and overall improve the degree of muscle control. with no invasive, painless, non-invasive, non-radiative, non-invasive, non-thermal, compact bottom technology private, no need to take off your pants , zero embarrassment, zero pain and comfort, easy to restore.

Advantages of  ems muscle stimulator

1. 4 Handles ,the treatment parameters of 4 handles can work at same time, also can operate two handles at the same time.
2. Lying Down for 30 Minutes=5.5 Hours of Exercise
3. Non-invasive treatment with no discomfort, Painless
4. 19% Reduction in Fat
5. 16% Increase in Muscle Mass
6. No downtime
7. Improve confidence in appearance
8. Noticeable, natural-looking results
9. Simple operation and Short treatment times
10. Pelvic Seat can do privacy floor muscle ,restore private place

Emslim neo rf Machine Handles

The device usually comes with 4 handles ,and the pelvic seat for privite muscle stimulation is option



How To Get Fast Treatment with Good Result of emsulpting

After about 2-4 courses: increase 16% muscle and reduce 21% fat
4 times a course, 30 minutes each time
2 times a week , 2 weeks in a row
Operation time Operation step Treatment result
1 min stretching improve muscle strength
5min warming-up stimulate blood circulation
5min workout strengthen muscle and reduce fat
4min cooling cool down and increase muscle

HiEMT machine body cuntering features

1. Good result – 30 minutes of treatment = 30,000 workouts, 16% muscle gain and 21% fat reduction after about 2-4 courses
2.Non invasive and painless, no side effects
3. 7 High Intensity Tesla – Cover large skeletal muscles, and reshape their internal structure.
4. Patented cooling system – support long time operation
5. 2 magnetic applicators – break down fat deposits and increase muscle tone and strength
6. Targeting 5 parts of the body – abdomen, arms, hips, hamstring, thighs
7. Progressive step training – improve the feeling and effect of real exercise
8. 5 training modes: HIIT, Hypertrophy, Strength, Combo 1 HIIT + Hypertrophy, Combo 2 Hypertrophy + Strength

Application of Emslim body shaping buttock tonning

Treatment of electrogmanetic ems body sculpting

Patients can lay down and fix the emslim handle on the boby with the belt, set the treatment 30 time on em slim neo rf machine screen.

And also set the frequency on ems slimming body shaping equipment according to client’s feeling.

Before and After procedure of Emslim treatment

Usually after 1 treatment with our emslim body shaping equipment , client can see the results , if pateints wants better results, we suggest client get about 5-7 sessions.


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