Endolift Laser Lipolysis Endolaser Belly Fat Removal Liposuction

Model Number:YT-982A

Handle: One Handle

Laser Wavelength:980nm,1470nm


Mode:CW Mode, Pulse Mode, Single Mode

Packing Size: 50*50*32CM

Gross Weight:12KG

Shipping Method:DHL/UPS





endolaser body slimming machine

Treatment Theory of 980nm and 1470nm Endolaser Endolift Machine

The endolift machine uses 980nm and 1470nm wavelength fiber-coupled laser to treat the needle with a disposable lipolysis fiber. It precisely locates excess fat and fat in the body, directly hits the target tissue fat cells, and rapidly dissolves and liquefies. The machine mainly acts on deep fat and superficial fat, and transfers the energy directly to the fat cells for uniform heating. During the heating process, the connective tissue and fat cell structure can be changed by controlling the heat. And the adipose tissue has a photothermal effect (so that the fat is dissolved). And the photodynamic effect (separating the fat cells from the normal tissue) decomposes the fat cells to make them evenly liquefied. Then the fat liquid is excreted through the ultra-fine positioning needle, which fundamentally reduces the number of fat cells, effectively avoids postoperative rebound.

endolaser face treatment

endolaser body treatment

Functions of the 980nm 1470nm Diode Laser Lipolysis Machine

1: Accurately remove stubborn fat from the abdomen, arms, buttocks, thighs, etc..

2: lt can also be refined and dissolved in parts that cannot be reached by traditional methods such asjaw and neck.

3: Facial lifting, firming and wrinkle removal.

endolaser machine treatment

What’s the Advantages of  980nm 1470nm Endolifting Liposuction Procedures?

1. First, both treatments remove fat, but unlike Laser 980nm 1470nm, conventional liposuction can leave behind loose skin.
2. Second, because local anesthetic is typically used with 980nm 1470nm treatments (instead of general anesthesia). You’re awake during the procedure—that’s a real plus, leading to a faster, easier recovery.
3. Third, laser can create sculpted look by defining waistlines in women and abdominal muscles in men (six pack).

Spare Parts of Endolaser Laser Lipolysis Machine

endolaser machine spare parts

Why Choose Endolift Machine for Liposcution?

* Advanced liposuction by specialist surgeon.

* Excellent Results at Affordable Price.
* Advanced Equipment & Latest Technology.
* Safe & Permanent with Long-lasting Results.

Before and After Endolaser Endolifting Treatment

endolift before and after treatment


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