Fractional Plasma Machine Acne Treatment Freckle Removal Wrinkle Removal

Model Number:YT-801

Warranty:1 Year

Handles:2 Handles

Plasma Frequency:10Hz-1000Hz


Shipping Method:DHL/UPS

Packing Size:41*44*43CM

Gross Weight: 12.5KG

Fractional Plasma Facial Lifting Freckle Removal Wrinkle Removal

fractional plasma machine

Fractional Plasma Machine Brief Introduction

Fractional plasma machine is a multifunctional device that combines two patented technologies. It consists of two handles (hands) and a variety of replaceable accessory probes. One of the RFEMS handles can stimulate muscle contraction, activate cells. And help Muscle repair, promote blood circulation and improve lymphatic drainage. It can also improve facial contour and skin tone, tighten skin, achieve non-invasive facial lifting and anti-aging. The second plasma handle can be used to treat skin regeneration, remove skin protrusions or warts, remove moles, freckles and wrinkles. It can also help repair stretch marks, repair pits and scars. The core of its technology lies in the treatment probes. Each of which is specially designed to maximize treatment effectiveness while minimizing downtime.

Ozone Plasma Machine Fearures

Wrinkle Reduction :The plasma treatment pulse pattern effectively optimizes and lifts facial skin. It can promotes collagen synthesis and reduces facial wrinkles.

Fractional Penetration: You can use a fractionated plasma probe to improve the penetration of your facial cosmetics. It can used for optimal penetration thanks to the electrical effect of the pores.

IDEAL CHOICE – This beauty pen uses plasma technology for facial treatments the perfect tool for removing pimples. With an ergonomic design that allows for a comfortable grip and stable operation.

Adjustable Power :The plasma pen has 5 kinds of plasma treatment probes, easy to use. And the output power can be adjusted by a high strength and wide range wheel.

Professional Nubs Treatment :The professional plasma tips for pimples are used to remove excess ozone and UV radiation. Which provides the right amount of free radicals and UV rays for pimple treatment.

RFEMS Plasma Machine Handle Introduction

fractional plasma handle

plasma handle

RFEMS handle

2 in 1 Plasma Machine Function

1. Plasma for skin tightening eyelid lifting mole removal.

2.RFEMS handle for improving skin elasticity anti aging, acne removal, anti-puriff. And face lifting and skin rejuvenation.

RFEMS Plasma Machine Benefits

* Restore the harmony of facial volume.

* Improve the texture and appearance of the skin.

* Enhance the natural features of the face.

* Promote skin tightening, firming, and toning.

Before and After Plasma Treatment

plasms before and after treatment

Two in One RFEMS Plasma Machine Packing Size

plasma machine packing size


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