Hifu 9D SMAS Lift Ultra MMFU Booster Anti Wrinkle Machine

Model : YT-517

hifu cartridge : 7pcs 7D cartridge + 3pcs booster cartridge

7D cartridge shots : 20000 shots each face cartrdige , 30000 shots each body cartridge

booster cartridge : 10000 shots each

warranty : 2 year

Hifu 9D SMAS Lift Ultra MMFU Booster Anti Wrinkle Machine

7D hifu and vmax booster

What’s hifu 9D ultra MMFU booster machine ?

Hifu 9D ultra MMFU machine is new ultra-forms series,  is safer and maximizes MMFU(Micro & Macro focused Ultrasound) efficiency by dividing the TCP(Thermal coagulation point) generating method into micro-unit beyond the technology to create precise TCP quality.

The Ultra-forms hifu can select a line method that irradiates with lines in addition to dots ,In addition to the three types of MMFU with depths of 4.5 mm, 3 mm and 2 mm, this machine can be optionally added with a 1.5 mm circular handpiece called a booster. It is pen-shaped and easy to irradiate small parts, and is effective in preventing fine wrinkles in shallow layers.

MPT hifu skin lift

7D hifu booster

Application of 9d hifu SMAS lift anti wrinkle machine

Sagging eyelids
Wrinkles around the eyes
Puffiness under the eyes
The risk of PIH (pigmentation) is also reduced!
Skin quality improvement effect (firmness, pore tightening, tone up, turnover promotion)
Double chin tightening
Face lift up
Forehead wrinkles
Tightening effect, small face effect
Tightening of face line
Fat removal under the chin
Fine wrinkles on the neck

HIFU Ultra Booster handle and cartridge introuction

The 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm and 4.5mm Ultra-F facial transducers deliver ultrasound energy into the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) layers of the face to stimulate collagen remodeling and volume reduction through the micropulsed and normal modes .
The 6.0mm, 9.0mm, and 13.0mm Ultra-F Body Transducers deliver ultrasound energy to the subcutaneous tissue, promoting skin tightening and destroying fat cells through both micropulsed and normal modes .
The 1.5mm, 3.0mm, and 4.5mm Ultra-Booster transducers deliver MMFU power in a circular motion in micropulsed and normal modes .
They expand the treatment area and enhance the results in an advanced way.​

MPT booster handle

hifu cartridge

Advantage of  Hifu 7D machine skin tightening

Breakthrough technology 1 shot 417 hot point
Shorter treatment time
Straight and circular lines
Totally no pain
Breakthrough HIFU Import
More durable than traditional

hifu skin tightening

Specification of 7D hifu SMAS face lift ultra booster

2Mhz /4Mhz /7Mhz /5.5Mhz
10 pcs standard
7D Cartridges: 1.5mm,3.0mm,4.5mm, 2.0mm , 5.5Mhz patented technology
6.0mm,9.0mm,13mm9D Cartridges: 1.5mm,3.0mm,4.5mm
micro+macro double treatment


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