Hydra dermabrasion Facial SPA Machine blackhead removal 10 in 1

Model : YT-H005

Option ; 8 in 1 /9in 1 / 10 in 1

warranty : 2 year

function : skin deep cleaning ,wrinkle removal , skin tighten



Hydra dermabrasion Facial SPA Machine blackhead removal 10 in 1

Introduction of hydra dermabrasion facial machine 10 in  1

10 in 1 hydra dermabrasion spa machine is an indispensable skin beauty instrument, which can Meet all the basic needs of female friends to cleanse the skin deeply, Whitening and moisturizing, V-face sculpture, one step is not lost. Black pearl can go In addition to sebum and secretions, it can also be used with blackhead liquid to give Do a thorough cleansing of the face, and the whole cleansing process can still To the effect of sterilization.

Using skin comprehensive management device will make VC The solution penetrates into the dermal layer of the pores and can reach a deep level Whitening and hydrating as well as stimulating the production of collagen in the skin. Of course, after caring for the skin, you must have a high-quality mask to protect Skin care, such as collagen, vitamins, green tea, regeneration

solv skin problem

Functions of hydro dermabrasion spa equipment black head 10 in 1

1.Cold Hammer:Shrinks pores, tightens skin, removes wrinkles, promotes collagen hyperplasia, eliminates redness and sensitivity, and fades dark circles and bags under the eyes.

2.Oxygen sprayer: product atomization, penetrating and moisturizing, brightening and moisturizing, brightening skin tone.

3.Hydra dermabrasion cleansing:Remove blackheads,remove grease and dirt, deep cleanse skin, brighten skin tone.

4.Bipolar radiofrequency: lifting and firming, anti-aging, and collagen growth.

5. eyesUltrasound: The nutrition of the product is introduced, which effectively opens the pores and has a stronger absorption effect.

6. Face Ultrasound: improve fine lines and wrinkles, enhance firmness.

7.Skin Scrubber:For removing dead skin,improving skin condition.

8. Beauty Head:Tigten the face and skin,microcirculation and essence absorption to face lifting.

9. Magic Bubble Pen:Wash the skin, deeply eliminate inflammation and sterilization, clean and promote blood circulation and activate cells.

1o.Lymph Drainage Head:Mini-vibration the fascia continuous vibration, to return the distorted fascla to its original position.

hydra peel handle + ultrasonic face handleultrasonic eye handlebio rf eyes handlecold hammeroxygen spray handle

ultrasonic scrubber

skin tighten beauty handlemagic massage balloxygen activating bubble pen

Application of hydrafacial balckhead removal spa equipment

Whole face: Skin deep cleaning Skin moisturizing Skin brightening Pore shrinking Skin firming Acne removal Wrinkle removal Blackhead removal Eliminating edema Reducing oil secretion Increasing skin elasticity

Eye area: Remove dark circles Remove crow’s feet Remove under-eye bags Lift and tighten skin

Clean: Deep cleaning, clear skin stratum corneum, minimally invasive scar, clearing blackhead.

Wash: Deep cleaning dirt, clean skin

Water supply: supply sufficient water molecules to skin while cleaning.
Rehabilitation: Improve dull skin, shrink pores, smooth skin, repair skin cells

hydra microdermabrasion oxygen facial machine


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