Indiba 448 Khz Tecar Therapy Machine Fever Master CET RET

Model Number:YT-CET 5

Warranty:1 Year

Handles:3 Handle

Work Tips:8 Tips


Packing Size:56*44*28cm

Gross Weight:11.5kg

Shipping Method:DHL/UPS

Indiba 448 Khz Tecar Therapy Machine Fever Master CET RET

448k indiba fever master machine

Indiba 448 Khz Machine Brief Introduction

Indiba 448 Khz machine is to adjust the proper frequency of ion activity inside and outside the cell. So that the positive and negative ion exchangeof the cell is restored to normal, so the positive and negative charges of the cell are balanced, and the activity of the cell is enhance. The machine caused a sensation as soon as it promote. The heat energy penetrates the human body system through the whole body. Which carries out the health management of the eight major parts of neck and brain management, chest management, abdomen management, buttocks management, back management, waist management, arm management and leg management, which can eliminate subcutaneous fat and visceral fat non-invasively. It can mprove immunity, improve constipation, cold palace, and prevent cancer.

Although it is RF, it is not the traditional RF technology.

Using the equivalent sine wave technology(EQT), the waveform consistency is enhancing. And the energy keep consistent, so ensures that the energy continues to output steadily. And the addition of cooling technology to ensure that the dermis in the most gentle way. The subcutaneous tissue can reach 65-75 degrees. Under the premise of ensuring maximum safety, the optimal effect is achieved. Which achieving facial skin lifting, reducing wrinkles, delaying cellular aging, rejuvenating facial skin, improving shape. It can also improve stretch marks, reduces cellulite, and reshaping the face skin and the body is becoming younger! Easily delay aging in the cool and warm.

Fever Master Machine Application Area

treatment area

Indiba 448 Khz Tecar Therapy Machine 3 Handles

3 handles

Effects of CET Handle

*Skin tightening and skin rejuvenation

*Control acne, reduce wrinkle

*Burn fat and relieve pain

*Postpartum skin tightens, relieves muscle soreness

*Relax stiff joints

*Assist in importing essence

CET handle

Effects of RET Handle

*Lymphatic drainage and promote blood circulation

*Brightens skin tone and increases collagen levels

*Lose weight, reduce fat

*Repair muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bone

*Relax and pain relief

RET handle

Effects of Fascia Knife Handle

Used for plantar, cervical, lumbar, joint pain relief.

jmd handle

Treatment Case of Machine

treatment case of tacar machine

Tecar Therapy Machine Before and After

before and after treatment


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