Indiba Tecar Diathermy Physiotherapy Pain Relief Fat Removal

Model Number:YT-0660A

Warranty:1 Year

Handles: 2 Handles

Function:Skin Tightening, Body Slimming, Pain Relief

Packing Size:53*26*63CM

Gross Weight:18.5KG

Shipping Method: DHL/UPS


Indiba Tecar Diathermy Physiotherapy Pain Relief Fat Removal

Indiba physiotherapy machine

What is Indiba Machine?

Indiba machine has two operating modes: Capacitive and Resistive. Both using insulated electrodes of different sizes and a neutral return board that closes the conducting circuit. In order for the treatment to be effective, the operator must place said instrument in the proper position.

The CET(Capacitive Electric Transfer)action focuses on the area under the mobile electrode and it stimulates the soft tissues with a high content of water. Such as the dermis, the lymphatic system, muscles and the venous system.

The RET(Resistive Electrical Transfer)action is carried out effectively on all more “resisting” tissues with a low content of water.  Which are found between the mobile electrode and the return board, thus obtaining a biological effect on: deep muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bones.

cet ret rf machine principle

CET Function of  Tecar Therapy Machine

√ Insulated Electrode
√ Current to be transferred by Capacity to patient
√ Go into 3~5cm depth of skin
√ Effective for skin lifting, muscle relaxation

CET handle

RET Function of Tecar Therapy Machine

√ Stainless Steel Electrode (not Insulated)
√ Current to be transferred directly to the patient
√ Go into 9~12cm depth of skin
√ Effective for the pain relief, subcutaneous fat

RET handle

CET RET RF Tecar Therapy Machine Application:

– Face and Neck Lifting & Remodelling
– Tightening and lifting flaccid areas of the face
– Reduces Wrinkles
– Lift Sagging Skin
– Enhances luminosity of the skin
– Fat Reduction
– Body Remodelling
– Cellulite Treatment and skin partial reconstruction
– Increase Collagen Level
– Tighten loose skin

– Relax and pain relieve

indiba machine function

Advantages of Tecar Machine

1.Digital Button Control;

2.Light Weight;

3.No Surgical;

4.No Downtime.

Before and After Tecar Machine Treatment

indiba machine before and after treatment


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