Laser epilation 808nm 755nm 1064nm diode lazer hair removal equipment

Model number: YT-811
package:aluminum case
handle life :20 million shots
suitable skin : all skin type
warranty : 2 year
function: permanent hair removal
delivery: 1-3 working days

Laser epilation 808nm 755nm 1064nm diode lazer hair removal equipment

triple wavelength diode laser hair device

Product Description of Laser epilation diode lazer hair removal

808nm +755nm +1064nm diode laser epilation is one device that can transform the electricity ,light and heat to be one kind of continuous high energy laser. 808 +755+1064 integrate the laser technology, lectronics technology and computer technology make a good performance on the permanent Hair Removal.

808nm diode laser epilation can penetrate the epidermis to reach the deep hair follicle tissue effectively, by special setting the pulse duration guarantee the target tissue to generate sufficient thermal damage and the surrounding tissue is almost unaffected; Triple wavelength diode laser is more effective for all kinds of hair color and skin color, 755nm wavelength more effective for light hair color an dskin color,1064nm more effective for dark hair color and skin color.

Diode laser epilation Machine Specification

Systems: Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation .
Treatment Area : Lips & Arms & Legs & Axilla & Bikini and so on .
Touch screen : 8 inch
Package : Aluminum cased
Output power for the machine is : 1900W or 2500w
Output power for the handle is : 450W or 600W
The shots for the handle is : 20 Million flashes
The spots size for the handle is : 15*15cm
Warranty guaranty for the host machine is 2 year and promised the handle can shots with 20 million flashes

808nm +755nm +1064nm diode laser Application :

1)Hair removal
Permanently remove lip hair, beard hair, chest hair, armpit hair, hair on back, hair outside bikini line etc.
◆ Frontal hair line removal, Chest hair removal
◆ facial hair remover, Beard hair removal.
◆ Lip hair removal, Back, brown hair remover
◆ Private/Bikini hair removal, Leg hair removal
◆ Armpit hair removal, Arm hair removal
◆Suitable for all parts hair on the body and face

2)Skin care
Repair damaged skin safely and quickly; whiten and tighten skin; effective treatment for skin water shortage, coarse skin;minimize face pore, tiny wrinkle, remove vascular; effectively remove spots; improve the elasticity and glossy of skin.

Tripolar wavelength Diode Laser Advantages :

Remove hair safely, no harm to skin and sweat gland;no scab after treatment and no side-effect.No Pain:
good cooling system, which goes together with hair removal treatment, making treatment without any pain.
Take advantage of selective light principle; the hair during growth period can be removed permanently. The hair removed never grow again, the effect is permanent.
Adopt the most advanced fast slide technology, treatment just takes five to ten minutes, no effect on work;
chip never burn the gun and could work 24 hours continiously.

Treatment Principle of diode laser hair removal equipment

Before and After of laser epilation

Package od diode lazer hair removal equipment


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