Laser Hair regrowth Machine diode hair loss treatment

Model : YT-1005

Diode laser number : 192pcs

Diode Laser wavelength : 650nm/660nm

Machine warranty : 2 year

Delivery Time: 1-3 working days

Main function : hair regrowth ,hair loss treatment

Package : alunium case

Laser Hair regrowth Machine diode hair loss treatment 660nm

Working theory of 660nm diode laser hair regrowth machine

Diode laser hair regrowth (also called low-level laser) can penetrate the surface of the skin with no heating effect, no damage to the skin and no known negative side effects to accelerate hair growth and thickening of hair in the treated areas.

Visible and monochromatic laser in mid-600nm range includes a temporary increase in skin blood flow with radiant exposures between 0.12 and 0.36 J/cm2. This increase in blood flow is crucial to promoting a healthy hair follicle. It brings the important nutrients into the follicle, like ATP, while taking away harmful waste products such as DHT. ATP increases cellular metabolism and cellular activity. The hair follicle now has the building blocks and energy to transform from a weak follicle to one that is healthy and capable of producing beautiful, thick healthy hair.


Application of  diode laser hair fall regrowth machine

1. Energize hair follicles, increase hair growth, decrease hair loss

2. Fat reduction, body slimming

3. Skin rejuvenation and wrinkle removal

4. Bio-treatment for body: chronic pain, musculoskeletal and myofascial pain,dysfunction vascular disturbances, wound and ulcer treatment, etc.

192 laser therapy

Advantage of hair loss treatment beauty device 

1. Enhances your image and boosts your confidence.

2. Increases blood flow to the top of the scalp by up to 55% which in turn increases hair growth in follicle still capable of producing hair.

3. Stop hair loss in 85% of patients regulates sebatious gland activity, for people with overly dry or oily scalp.

4. Repair damaged hair shafts , increase thickness of individual hairs by up 25% per hair providing much thicker and fuller appearance

5. Relieves itchy scalp conditions

6. Decreases recovery time when used in conjunction with hair transplants.

7. Safe, effective and painless procedure.

Introduction of 650nm diode laser beauty equipment for hair growth

Laser Hair gorwth therapy is a non chemical, non invasive treatment that is being used commonly for the treatment of hair loss. Low level laser therapy is delivered by a device that contains paneles of lasers that shine on the scalp. It is high end laser hair loss treatment system, based on 659nm and 670nm low level diode laser technology

laser hair growth device

Features ofhair loss treatment beauty equipment

-High density non-ablative diode laser

-Large treatment size 4 pieces of laser panel

– laser panel height is adjustable by articulated arm

-Deep penetration by the LLL( low level laser) for hair restoration treatment

-Microcurrent probe( handheld) and comb for hair regrwoth therapy

-Applicable for all skin type and hair type, comfortable and painless for clients

-No downtime

Functions of 650nm laser hair  machine handle

The basicdetection of scalp and hair was carried out to analyze various hair quality problems.

Hair repair uses strong pressure to directly act the product on the site,activate the necrotic cell tissue of hair,and promote the regeneration of collagen elastic fiber

Sterilization,disinfection,treatment,promote the healing of acne,reduce and regulate sebum secretion,promotemetabolism and lymphatic blood circulation,strengthen hair regeneration ability

Massage stimulates scalp,activates cells and promotes blood circulation in the head

The Procusures of using diode laser hair regrowth equipment

1. Analyzer scalp and follicles,and take picture as a records.
2. Use oxygen to clean scalp.
3. Use medicine sprayer to spray medicine to hair and scalp(we suggest client can use minoxidil
for hair treatment, Generally speaking, the concentration for man is 5%, and 2% for woman)
4. Final use micro current massage comb to massage treatment area about 8-10 minutes)
5. To treatment by machine about a half of hour, and one week one times.


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