M22 lumenis IPL skin rejuvenation machine OPT SHR hair removal

Model : YT-M22

Working filter : 515nm, 560nm,590nm , 615nm ,640nm ,695nm ,acne filter , vascular filter

function : skin rejuvenation ,hair removal , acne treatment , vascular removal

Machine Power : 2000W

MOQ : 1 set

Warranty : 2 year

M22 lumenis IPL skin rejuvenation machine OPT SHR hair removal

What’s M22 ipl skin rejuvenation machine ?

M22 IPL is a kind of photon therapeutic apparatus, also called IPL photo skin rejuvenation. It is widely used for skin rejuvenation, hair removal and pigmentation removal with the therapeutic mechanism of thermal selective effect. It is a kind of non-abrasive photodynamic therapy, making use of insignificant amount of intense pulsed light technology to conduct non-abrasive skin rejuvenation therapy with low energy and density, to achieve the purpose of rejuvenating and beautifying the skin.

m22 ipl working principle

OPT SHR M22 ipl system features with shr in-motion hair removal method and stamping method for aesthetic treatment . SHR works by gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that effeciately damage the hair folliciles and prevenrs re-growth,while avoiding inquiry to the surrounding issue . The Sweeping in-motion technique of moving the applicator repeatedly over the treatment area ensures full coverage while sapphire cools the skin surface,preventing superficial burns and allowing for virtually painless .

Working Filters of M22 OPT SHR hair removal beauty machine

1. Permanent Hair removal.
2. Skin rejuvenation, skin tightening.3. Cure blood vessel disease, including capillary vessel dilatation, skin reddening, and red
nose tip caused by grog blossom.
4. Cure bigment disease, including fleck, skin splash, skin color spot, skin sunburn and sunning aging
5. Improve skin texture, shrink coarse pore.

Vascular—Vascular Removal
Acne—Acne Treatment
515nm—treatment of epidermal pigment
560nm—Deep Epidermal Pigment|Superficial Blood Vessel
590nm—vascular disease, to remove yellow gas
615nm—Reduce blood streaks
640nm—fine lines, large pores, anti-inflammatory, skin rejuvenation
695nm—Freezing point hair removal

ipl hair removal

ipl treatment

Feature of M22 Lumenies photon ipl skin rejuvenation hair removal machine

1. Fast
Our M22 lumenis ipl skin rejuvenation machine use the “IN-Motion” intelligent mode to bring the fastest treatment speed to 10 shots per second.
It’s fast especially for body hair removal. Diode laser hair removal system also adopts Thermo-electric cooling (TEC) and real
sapphire, which get amazing contact cooling. It is really pain-free laser machine. You will get most comfortable treatment.

2. Effective
Steady energy is achived by:
a. German micro-channel/non-channel laser bars, super energy, permanent hair removal
b. Water filter; Copper radiator; High speed DC pump made inItaly; TEC cooling system for best cooling system.

3. Painless, No down time
3-4 times per cycle to permanently removal hair.
Suitable for 6 skin type and any parts of body
High power and high energy, short treatment time(about 20minutes for arm), shorten the course of treatment.

4. Easy Operation
We are using TEC cooling system for water tanks and TEC for sapphire in hand piece , so you can get 24 hour working with machine.
Auto intelligent mode design for users with different presets for different patients, so that safety and efficiency isn’t

Introduction of OPT SHR ipl beauty equipment acne treatment

m22 ipl hair removal machine



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