Magnetic Face Wrinkle Removal Face Lifting Anti-aging Machine


Model Number:YT-AF86
Warranty:1 Year
Allocation:6 patches

Screen Size:15.6 inches

Electromagnetic wave energy:0~1.8T

Stimulus Pulse Shape: Biphasic wave

Thermal Energy:1M

Electrical Energy:40mA

Packing Size:40* 40*39cm

Gross Weight:19kg

Shipping Method:DHL/UPS

ret face machine

What is a RET-Face Magnetic Face Machine?

RET Face is a revolution in the field of focial anti-aging. Synchronous thermal energy output and pulse magnetic technology stimulate facial muscles. Firming the skin, reducing facial wrinkles, non-invasive and naturally enhancing the firmingof the face. RET-Face can treat the entire face in just 20 minutes. RET-Face produces muscle contraction, and the target of magneto eletric stimulation is motor nerve depolariztion, leadingto related muscle contraction. In facial therapy, the pulse pattern of muscle contractioncan be synchronizedin four areas such as the forehead of cheek muscles. A single facial care can generate approximately 25000 magnetoelectric pulses, triggeringmuscle contraction. It canbe completed in 20 minutes.

magnetic face principle


RET-Face Non Facial Surgical Treatment

PET+PEH+PES technology Synchronous thermal energy reshapes and smoothes the skin by heating the dermis and increasing the levels of collagen and elastin fibers. Strong pulse magnetic technology restores and enhances facioal tissue by selectively contracting muscles and increasing the density and mass of muscle structures. Clinical studies have shown that collagen increases by an average of 26% elastin content in tissues doubles, and resting muscle tension increases by30%. Synchronous thermal energy output and strong pulse magnetic technology can reduce wrinkles by 37% and increase wrinkles by 239%.

4 in 1 process

magnetic machine function

The Benefits of RET- Face Magnetic Face Machine

1.Non invasive, non surgical plastic surgery
2.Needle free and non-invasive
3.No fllrs and toxins
4.New experience and comfortable feeling
5.Reduce wrinkles
6.Pulling loose skin
7.Thin face shaping
8.Increase cllagen and elastin
9.Simple 20 minute care
10.No manual operation required

the advantages of magentic machine

Magnetic Face Treatment

Before and After Face Magnetic Treatment

em face before and after treatment

Magnetic Face Machine Parameter

magnetic machine parameter


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