Oxygeneo Co2 Oxygen Bubble Machine RF Ultrasonic Skin Care

Model Number:YT-1005

Warranty:1 Year

Handles:Oxygen+ RF+ Ultrasonic

Funtion:Facial Skin Care, Anti Aging

RF Energy:1-10

Oxygen Energy:1-10

Ultrasound Energy:1-10

Oxygeneo Co2 Oxygen Bubble Machine RF Ultrasonic Skin Care

3 in 1 oxygen bubble machine

Oxygeneo CO2 Bubble Oxygen RF Ultrasound Facial Machine Introduction

Oxygeneo bubble machine combines new patented OxyGen technology with renowned Multi-polar technology. Oxygenation provides top-quality skin nutrition and oxygenation along with clinically proven anti-aging results. The combination of Multi-polar RF and Oxygen improves skin quality both at the epidermis and dermis layers offering long-term results. Promoting skin tightening.

The oxygen facial machine uses oxygen under extreme pressure and water. And takes tiny water drops, through spray-type to act on skin. It can penetrate nutrient components to pores and cracks of skin from the epidermis to dermis layer. Then promote rebirth of cells, rapidly and directly supply rich nutrient for skin. Simultaneously, it can clear deep dirt in epidermis. Oxygen of extreme pressure and nutrient liquid can stimulate the rebirth of fiber tissue in dermis, make cells metabolism. So as to improve skin dark, yellow, chloasma, get good effect of wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation and etc. It can treat :Blackhead Acne, Stain, Pouch Removal, Dried-up, Wrinkle, Forehead, Moisturizing, Rough, Dull, Loose, Skin whitening.

CO2 Bubble Oxygen Facial machine with 3 handles, Oxygen handle / RF / Ultrasound handle

3 handles

How does ultrasound rf skin tightening oxygen facial machine work?

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliates the upper skin layer to remove dead cells, smooth and renew the skin. And preparing the skin to receive active nutrients.

2. Infuse

Cleaning the skin, preparing it for infusion of active ingredients.

3. Oxygen
The oxygen facial machine effect produces CO2 bubbles which gently burst on the skin surface creating a physiological response. Which sending oxygen-rich blood to the area. This increases capillary flow and skin metabolism. Oxygenation results in optimal absorption of active ingredients.

Breakthrough oxygen technology provides superior anti-aging results by treating the skin at a deeper level. Exfoliate, Infuse, and Oxygenate your way to youthful skin. RF for skin tightening. Ultrasound now available for enhancing the oxygen treatment results.

3 handles features

Co2 Oxygen Bubble Machine Main Function

1. Skin Plumping & Hydrating
2. Restored Skin Volume
3. Renewed Youthful Glow
4. Increased Collagen
5. Reduced hyper-pigmentation
6. Improved Skin Cell Production
7. Reduce Appearance of Wrinkles
8. Safe for ANY skin type

9. Wrinkle removal, rf skin tightening.

Oxygeneo Bubble Machine Features

* 1 to stimulate natural oxygen supply to the skin

· 2. Deep clean skin

* 3 into the largest active ingredients 4 skin firming pull

Before and After

before and after oxygen bubble treatment




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