Radio Frequency skin tighten machine 448KHZ tecar CET RET RF body weight loss

Model : YT-0657A

Machine screen : 8” touch screen display

Handle : cet + cet rf handle

main function : body pain treatment , fat removal , wrinkle removal

warranty : 2 year

MOQ : 1 set

Radio Frequency skin tighten machine 448KHZ tecar CET RET RF body weight loss


Working Principle of Tecar therapy radio frequency skin tighten weight loss machine

The Endogenous Thermotherapy radio frequency skin tighten machine based on the principle of capacitive and resistive energy transfer (Capacitive-Resistive Diathermy) has an effect within the biological tissues, activating the body`s natural repairing and anti-inflammatory processes from within.Tecar Therapy is a physical therapy that is part of the endogenous thermotherapy, able to significantly reduce recovery and rehabilitation time by stimulating the activation of all the body`s natural repair processes. All this thanks to the application
of radiofrequency current that causes a thermal reaction in the tissues that stimulates the body`s natural healing response with immediate antiinflammatory and analgesic effects on muscles, tendons, cartilage or bones ligaments. The two systems, capacitive and resistive, allow the operator to easily adjust the therapy according to the type of pathology. Capacitive transfer for tissues with high water content (muscles), resistive transfer for tissues with the highest resistance and low water content (bones, tendons, adipose tissues).

What’s 448K Tecar therapy CET RET rf radio frequency skin tighten body weight loss machine ?

The radio frequency skin tighten Tecar cet ret rf machine  has two operating modes: Capacitive and Resistive,both using insulated electrodes of different sizes and a neutral return board that closes the conducting circuit. In order for the treatment to be effective, the operator must place said instrument in the proper position.
The RESISTIVEaction is carried out effectively on all more resisting tissues with a low content of water that are found between the mobile electrode and the return board, thus obtaining a biological effect on: deep muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bones. 8-10cm depth work on the skin.
The CAPACITIVE action focuses on the area under the mobile electrode and it stimulates the soft tissues with a high content of water, such as the dermis, the lymphatic system, muscles and the venous system .3-5cm depth work
tecar working princilpe
fat deep heating

Functions of CET RET rf radio frequency rf machine fat reduction wrinkle removal

1. Pain relief therapy
2. Pre-competition warm-up / Competition preparation
3. Competition stress relief or competiton recovery .
4. Accelerated physical recovery
5. Fast elimination of edema .
6. Athletic rehabilitation .
7. Fat removal .
8. Reduction in sagging and toning

Diatheramy 448K Tecar therapy body Pain relief

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