RF Slimming Machine led 360 ball roller rotating body Massage

Model : YT-BH23

handles : large ,middle ,small 360 ball roll handle

treatment area : eyes ,face and body

MOQ : 1 set

warranty : 2 year


RF Slimming Machine 360 ball roller rotating body Massage

led rf body slimming machine

Introduction of led 360 degree rf body slimming machine

1. 360 degree rotating radio frequency can rotate in forward and reverse directions, and can rotate in alternate directions.
2. Adjustable speed.
3. The ball rotates with the function of massaging and removing fat, and dissolves fat and shapes.
4. Large, medium and small handle configuration for all body parts, face and eyes.
5. Intelligent control system: can be turned or stopped; The rotation can be Continuous or pulsed; The energy ut put can be continuous or pulsed.
6. Combined with red, blue and green light therapy to achieve better skin care results. *Green light: unclogs lymph, expels edem
*Blue light: anti-inflammatory and sterilization Calm whitening
*Red light: stimulates blood circulation and promotes product absorption
7.Phototherapy and rotating radio frequency work simultaneously, and the energy is output simultaneously.

360 ball rotating

Working Thory of RF slimming machine led light 360 ball rotating

360 degree rotating radio frequency rf slimming machine, can rotate forward and reverse, can rotate in alternate directions and spped adjustable . the rotation of 360 ball do massage ,

help fat movement and body shaping . Large ,middle and small size cover all body parts .can be used for face and eyes . intelligent control system , combined red , green and blue phototherapy to achieve better skin care effects .Light therapy and rotating radio frequency work at the same time ,and energy output is at the same time


Advantage of 360 ball RF body massage fat reduction machine

  1. no sharp discharge ,no burn to the skin
  2. Easy to use : less labor consumption by the operator
  3. more comfortable : The rolling ball rotate on itsowm ,combined with the handle rotation , doublerotation ,smooth and comfirtable
  4. More efficient : radio freuqency rotation combination three led light therapy

Led Light Functions of 360 degree ball roll body shaping machine

after the RF and led light is absorbed by the skin , it activies the deep cells to make the skin better metabolism and synthesize . Sunlight  can stimulate the secretion of sublimely cells in the body , make the collagen fiber and elastic rearrange , blocking and eliminate the formation of melanin ,accelerate the growth of cells , blood circulation ,stimulate fiber cells to produce collagen ,incrase skin elastickly ,repair the skin .

rf and led light therapy of 360 ball rotating rf slimming machine

Functions of 360 ball led rf radio frequency body massage slimming machine

1. Dissolve fat, tighten skin, body shaping
2. Tighten skin, increase skin elasticity, improve wrinkles
3. Light therapy
4. Stretch stiff muscle, relieve pain
5. Stimulate lymphatic blood vessels, remove unwanted fat and toxin from body
6. Activate collagen tissue, reduce cellulite

360 ball led rf machine treatment picture





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