Skin Analyzer 3D facial scaner face analysis machine

Model : YT-X9

Package : paper carton

Machine function : skin Analysis ,skin analyzer

Camera: 12 megapixel HD camera

warranty : 2 year

delivery : 1-3 working days

Shipping method :DHL,UPS, Fedex

Skin Analyzer 3D facial scaner face analysis machine

Portable salon equipment skin scanner beauty face 3D skin analyzer

skin analysis machine

Working Priciple of 3D skin Analyzer facial scanner beauty salon equipment

The new skin 3D skin analyzer is beautiful and high-grade.  3D facial scanner uses a clear imported probe to accurately analyze the skin’s eight modules, pores, oil, elasticity, collagen, lead and mercury, red blood, acne and moisture. The data shows the test results, text analysis instructions, and automatically recommend matching products, allowing customers to more clearly and intuitively understand the results of the test and the actual changes in the skin before and after using the product, and can use the real 3D reduction technology to pay attention to the skin Stereoscopic 3D image, which can be analyzed and observed at any angle, and automatically recommend the corresponding products of your company according to the test results. Pre-built your company’s product information, the next store use is a stationed beauty guide and publicity version that never tires of wages and customers’ trust. It is a high-quality choice for cosmetics companies in the beauty-related industries and sales.

3D magic mirror

Technology of our Magic Mirror 3D skin facial anlysis machine

1. Bring own tablet, no need to connect to a computer, convenient and fast

2. HD imaging, intelligent detection, automatic analysis

3. The touch screen can be rotated 180 degrees for easy viewing of test data

4. 12 megapixel HD camera

5. 3L autofocus technology, clear shooting, customized solutions with truth; 48 times HD shadowless light, detecting 10 big facial skin problems, any matching solution.

Functions of 3D skin analzer beauty salon equipment

1. Registration
2. Shooting
3. Pre-view
4. Precision Analysis
5. Report
6. Recommendation
7. Test for the Quality of cosmetics
8. Detect skin illnesses
9. Support Multi-languages (English, Russian, Spanish etc). Also can do language you want if there is big quantity.
10. Printing the report as well as treatment scheme

Features of Magic Mirror professional 3D skin tester facial scanner

1. 10 Mega pixels with 4-time magnifier
2. Auto-focus;
3. Auto-analysis;
4. UV Voice system;
5. 3: 4 Preview system;
6. Front slant window;
7. Support multi-languages

skin analyzerfacial skin scanner


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