Skin Cooler Machine Cold Air Cooling Laser Treatment Pain Relief

Model Number:YT-802
Function: Pain Relief
Intended Use:Spa Salon Use with Laser Treatment
Handle:1 Handle
Laser Source:Air Cooling System
Temperature:-20 Degree
Warranty:1 Year
Shipping Method:DHL/UPS

cold air cooling pain relief machine

Working Principle of Skin Cooler Machine

The skin cooler machine adopts a variable frequency air compression fan device to compress the air and then spray cold air through the refrigeration device. The cold air cools the skin to protect the epidermis, reduce pain. And enable high energy density without damaging the epidermis.

function of skin cooler machine

Functions of Skin Cooler Pain Relief Machine

The professional skin cooler machine is specially for cooling skin before, during and after using of non-invasive CO2 fractional laser, Q switch laser, IPL or diode laser treatment. Pain release for patients to avoid any burn or uncomfortable treatment. Also efficient pain treatment, swelling reduction and muscle relaxation. It Can work with 808nm diode laser hair removal machine, co2 fractional laser machine, SHR machine, IPL machine and Nd yag laser machine. Suitable for all machines if patients feel pain and needs cooling.

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pain troubles

skin cooler machine function

Treatment Range of Skin Cooling Machine

Widely used in 808nm laser, fractional laser, picosecond laser machine and other cosmetic surgery need to protect the skin. The skin air cooler machine can the epidermis is provided with cold protection. During and after surgery to protect the epidermis from thermal damage caused by photothermal action.

skin cooler machine advantages

Advantages of Skin Cooling Machine

It can produce continuous cooling wind to target tissue to minimize pain and thermal injury during laser and ipl treatment. It provide temporary relief for cosmetic injections. Wind speed (cold air) and cooling time can be adjusted from level 1-7 and cooling time 1-60 minutes on screen according to patient’s feeling. The cooling level can be up to -20 degree. So in actual therapy laser or ipl can use high power to perform high efficient andfast treatment. Use large 8 inch touch screen to indicate all treatment parameters. Fexible to operate, no consumables or additional costs, fashionable, economic and professional.

Scope of Application of Skin Cooling Device

scope of applications

Features of Skin Cooling Machine

skin cooler machine features

Air Skin Cooling Machine Screen

skin cooler machine screen



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