Tecar Indiba Machine Deep Heating Fat Burning Pain Treatment

Model Number: YT-M18

Warranty: 1 Year

Handles: 3 Handles

Functions: Body Slimming Skin Rejuvenation Wrinkle Remover Face Lift

RF Type: Monopolar RF

Input Power: Max 350W

Operation Temperature: 10°C-+40°C

Packing Size: 54*42*33CM

Gross Weight: 7.4KG

Shipping Method: DHL/UPS/Fedex



Tecar Indiba RF Machine Deep Heating Fat Burning Pain Treatment

448K tecar therapy machine

Priciple of  448K Tecar Indiba RF Pain Treatment Machine

Through the thermal current 448K Tecar Indiba pain treatment machine activated cells to generate motion heat energy. It promote blood and lymphatic circulation. In order to restore skin elasticity, tighten skin to promote subcutaneous fat, improve cellular tissue, improve body. To activate body functions to improve tissue elasticity, promote tissue reconstruction.

Body Carving Master Machine Handles Function Analysis

indiba machine handles and spare parts

cet handle

ret handle

jmd handle of tecar machine

tecar machine grounding pad

Features of  448Khz CET RET RF Tecar Machine

1. Reliable temperature control solution:Built-in high-precision temperature sensor.

2.Advanced and efficient heating methoud:Ensure even energy distrubution.

3.Does not damage normal cells provide oxygen and nutrients for tissues.

Effects of CET Handle

*Skin tightening and skin rejuvenation

*Control acne,reduce wrinkle

*Burn fat and relieve pain

*Postpartum skin tightens, relieves muscle soreness

*Relax stiff joints

*Assist in importing essence

tecar machine cet handle

Effects of RET Handle

*Lymphatic drainage and promote blood circulation

*Brightens skin tone and increases collagen levels

*Lose weight, reduce fat

*Repair muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bone

*Relax and pain relief

indiba machine ret handle

Effects of JMD Handle

Used for plantar, cervical, lumbar, joint pain relief.

tecar machine JMD handle

3 Advantages of 448KHZ Tecar Therapy Machine

1. Reliable temperature control scheme

Built- -in precision temperature sensor, double temperature and double control, more reliable

2. Deep heat conduction

Advanced heat transfer technology, heat energy quickly into deeper parts of the heat more lasting

3. Ceramic conduction head with metal conduction head

Two kinds of material conduction head for different parts of accurate positioning, accurate conduction

Machine Screen

tecar machine screen




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