Vela Shape Machine Professional Vacuum Roller Vela Body Slimming

Model : YT-A56

machine power : 3000w

roller speed : 60-300RPM

warranty : 2 year

Package : aluminum case

working handles : 3pcs for face and body

main function : body shaping ,weight loss , cellulite reduction

Vela Shape Machine Professional Vacuum Roller Vela Body Slimming

Vela shape vacuum rf roller slimming equipment

Working Principle of vera roller vela shape machine

This Vacuum Roller vela shape machine body massage skin tightening has combined with the RF, vacuum, outer automatic roller, infrared light, green light and blue light. It is the new updates of V9 ii technology. It also combines with RF and 3 photons (red, green, blue) to generate heat. It can penetrate the skin to a depth of 15mm by mechanical movement, which is far more than the depth of the other devices currently on the market. While the heat is conducted, the mechanical movement is carried out simultaneously and so is the fat.In this way, it makes the skin more flexible. vacuum roller tester can improve the figure and the skin surface. Although the weight of the patient does not reduce, the patient will look much slimmer because the whole fat area has been re-assigned.

vacuum velashape woring principle

Functions of vela shape body slimming equipment

Wrinkle removal
Body shaping
Body circumference reduction
Cellulite reduction
Skin tightening
Skin surface smooth
Eyelid area treatment
Body slimming
Skin lifting

vacuum roller face and body treatment

RF negative pressure row acid head of vacuum roller tester

vele shape IIII equipment vacuum rller handle Through the combination of vacuum and optoelectronics, smooth lymphatic channels to speed up the body’s metabolism, blood
circulation, speed up the toxin metabolism and nutrient absorption, relieve pain, health care, which played acid acid correction
purposes. High-frequency RF deep fat body can be direct, so that fat cells in a rapidly active state, the heat of cell body
friction heat, the local temperature, through the sweat glands, with vacuum suction, massage through the negative pressure, direct
Blast thick fat, the effect is obvious.

Magnetic vibration head of vela shape equipment

vacuum roller Vibrating massage head with magnetic field generates magnetic field, vibration and heat at work. Right dizziness, headache,
fatigue, insomnia, lumbar and cervical pain and other symptoms have significantly improved and soothing effect. The magnetic pulse
can be accurately heated under the epidermis and dermis, even subcutaneous adipose tissue, resulting in immediate tissue
contraction and long-term collagen regeneration, increasing skin elasticity, to achieve the effect of beauty regimen. Men can
clear the stomach, detox, beer belly, effective in achieving abdominal health. Women can warm Palace, beauty, rule out
dysmenorrhea, bid farewell to the dark yellow skin.

Advantage of vela shape body slimming machine

1. The body handle is equipped with a 2.8-inch touch screen, which is easier to control and adjust.
2. No need to beautician laborious massage, simple operation is safe.
3. Frequency conversion negative pressure attraction: pure physical property has no damage to the skin, the best effect is the most in-depth
4. Two-way power roller: the contact surface is wider, the function area is larger, the function depth is deeper.
5. Personal exclusive collet: three-dimensional effect deep, intelligent infinitely variable speed stimulation depth is different.
6. Special shaping clothes: double the effect of sculpting parts, enhance comfort, and take into account personal privacy and healthLPG body velashape handle             big velshape handle

facial vacuum rollet head

Vela shape machine III treatment before and after

velashape body countering


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