Something You Should Know about Fractional Co2 Laser Machine

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Fractional Co2 Laser machine is the representative of clinically exfoliate laser. When doing treatment, the modulated pulse mode and dot matrix scan mode are the most used. Which can achieve the purpose of skin reconstruction such as ablation and grinding.

Fractional co2 laser is used in a wide range, such as skin rejuvenation, scars removal, large pores, stains, stretch marks and other skin problems question. Generally speaking, the skin color is darker, and the skin that is prone to tanning has a higher risk of adverse reactions such as erythema and pigmentation after surgery. Be aware and be proactive. In addition, higher energy and higher coverage will have a corresponding increase in adverse effects on the skin.

Since fractional co2 laser is regarded as a device with serious adverse reactions in the laser category, the integrity of the skin in the treatment area is completely destroyed during treatment, which has a great impact on the barrier function.

The following points must be kept in mind after fractional laser co2 surgery:

1. After the treatment, it is normal to have redness, swelling, burning sensation, and even exudation. Do not touch the area with your hands to prevent bacterial infection.

2. Spray growth factors and anti-infection drugs every day after the operation, and gently wipe with normal saline for cleaning. But do not wash the face, and persist until the scab is removed;

3. If there is exudate in the treatment area, it should be removed in time. The removal method is to wipe with a cotton swab dipped in sterile saline.

4. It is forbidden to steam the face after the treatment, reduce facial expressions and avoid sauna bathing. And avoid vigorous massage of the treatment area.

5. About the third day after the treatment, the wound surface begins to form tiny granule scabs. And the scabs will fall off in about 7-10 days. When there is slight dryness, desquamation, or scab, please don’t pick and remove it by yourself. Scabs must be allowed to mature and fall off by themselves.

6. Continue to use skin repairing drugs or skin care products after scab removal;

7. Some patients will have erythema and pigmentation (easy to appear on dark skinned skin), which will gradually fade after 3-6 months, and will accelerate the disappearance with drugs and treatment.

8. Avoid strong sun exposure before and after treatment (sun umbrella, sun hat, face towel, use of sunscreen, etc.).

9. Suspend the use of tretinoin preparations one month before treatment.

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