Something You Should Know about Inner Ball Roller Machine

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What is Inner Ball Roller Machine?

The inner ball roller machine is also call Endospheres therapy machine. It comes with 2 handles. One for face handle, one is body handle. It’s best for face lifting, skin tightening, and cellulite reduction. It can also enhanced muscle definition, increased lymphatic circulation and pain reduction. We also named it as roller massage machine. It’s use for body massage.

It’s a noninvasive roller body massage device. The rotating roller ball produce pressure on the treatment area. Which generate a micro-vibration and pressure on the skin.

The Main Function of Inner Ball Roller Machine

1.Lymphatic Drainage

It can improve lymphatic drainage. It can make your body more comfortable after treatment.

2.Muscle Relax and Pain Relief

The machine roller handle generate vibration stimulation, it can go into muscle and eliminate pain through roller massage. In addition, it can also make you skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal.

3.Body Shaping

As we mentioned before, it can improve your blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. At the same time, it can reduce cellulite and make the skin firming and tightening. Therefore, inner roller ball machine help you to reshape your body.

4.Skin Tightening

It can make your facial skin tightening, body skin tightening, and neck lifting. After endospheres therapy, your skin will become younger than before.

The Features of Endospheres Therapy Machine

  1. The outstanding handle design. The 360 drgree intelligent inner ball roller handle is unique technology in the world now.
  2. The handle screen display. You can see the treatment setting on the big roller handle’s screen. You can adjust the rotation speed according to customer feeling.
  3. The handle’s silicone ball is very flexible. The treatment process is very gentle and comfortable.
  4. Easy Operation. The machine operation is very simple. The roller handle will do all the massage process, you don’t need to the massage by yourself.
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